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Pass the First Knowledge Test

This site is firstly a test prep resource for Pilots and Aviation Maintenance Technicians preparing for the FAA knowledge exams. The written exam is a key component of your pilot license preparation, this site and its resources will be a valuable tool as you prepare for the exams. We regularly review our question pools to keep them in sync with the areas tested by the FAA, all the answers and figures are provided plus we have a variety of extra features to make your exam preparation as effective as possible.

Pass the other knowledge tests:

“Other knowledge tests?!” I hear you say – I’m afraid so. Passing the FAA test and getting your license or rating is the first step but you need to stay prepared for the knowledge tests that come on every flight or maintenance job after you get your license. As you know only too well, you’re making a significant investment in your aviation training and your need to stay sharp doesn’t stop once you’ve passed the checkride. As a member of PrepareToTest you will not only have access to the latest FAA knowledge test questions for your review but also to a broad selection of other online training resources that I’ve assembled for you and which I keep up to date.

  • FAA Safety Briefing