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Sport Pilot Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Support Equipment (lsp_2289_0607)
In addition to the required documents, what carry-on equipment should be accounted for during preflight?
A - Flotation gear.
B - Emergency locator transmitter.
C - Two means of burner ignition.
2. Airport Operations (1104_12)
A Steady red light from the tower, for an aircraft on the ground, indicates
A - Give way to other aircrat and continue circling.
B - Stop.
C - Taxi clear of the runway in use.
3. Flight Rules General (0205_71)
Which is true regarding flight operations in Class B airspace?
A - The pilot must receive an ATC clearance before operating an aircraft in that area.
B - Flight under VFR is not authorized unless the pilot in command is instrument rated.
C - Solo student pilot operations are not authorized.
4. Sectional Chart (1104_114)
(Refer to Figure 59 , area 1.) Identify the airspace over Lowe Airport.
A - Class G airspace - surface up to but not including 18,000 feet MSL.
B - Class G airspace - surface up to but not including 700 feet MSL, Class E airspace - 700 feet to 14,500 feet MSL.
C - Class G airspace - surface up to but not including 1,200 feet AGL, Class E airspace - 1,200 feet AGL up to but not including 18,000 feet MSL
5. Weight and Balance (LSP_0607_149)
(Refer to Figure 36 .)
Gyroplane basic weight1,315154.0 (oil included
Pilot weight145?
Passenger weight153?
27 gal fuel162?

The CG is located
A - outside the CG envelope; the maximum gross weight is exceeded.
B - outside the CG envelope; but the maximum gross weight is not exceeded.
C - within the CG envelope; neither maximum gross weight nor gross-weight moment is exceeded.
6. Fitness for Flight (lsp_2240)
Haze creates which of the following atmospheric illusions?
A - Being at a greater distance from the runway
B - Being at a closer distance from the runway
C - Haze creates no atmospheric illusions
7. Airport Marking Aids and Signs (1104_31)
'Runway hold position' markings on the taxiway
A - identifies where aircraft hold short of the runway.
B - identifies an area where aircraft are prohibited.
C - allows and aircraft permission onto the runway.
8. Sectional Chart (0205_116)
Which is true concerning the colors used to depict airports on Sectional Aeronautical Charts?
A - Airports with control towers underlying Class D and E airspace are magenta.
B - Airports with control towers are shown in magenta.
C - Airports with control towers are shown in blue.
9. Fitness for Flight (1104_78)
Who is responsible for determining whether a Sport Pilot is fit to fly for a particular flight, even though the pilot holds a current and valid U.S. driver`s license?
A - The FAA.
B - The pilot.
C - The medical examiner
10. Loads and Load Factors (lsp_2216)
(refer to Figure 68 ) The vertical dashed line from Point E to Point F is represented on the airspeed indicator by the
A - upper limit of the yellow arc
B - upper limit of the green arc
C - blue radial line