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Sport Pilot Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Turbulence (1104_161)
Which cloud types would indicate convective turbulence?
A - Cirrus clouds.
B - Nimbostratus clouds.
C - Towering cumulus clouds.
2. Fitness for Flight (1104_97)
A state of temporary confusion resulting from misleading information being sent to the brain by various sensory organs is defined as
A - spatial disorientation.
B - hyperventilation.
C - hypoxia.
3. Propeller (lsp_2227)
What effect does high density altitude, as compared to low density altitude, have on propellor efficiency and why?
A - Efficiency is increased due to less friction on the propeller blades.
B - Efficiency is reduced because the propeller exerts less force at high density altitudes than at low density altitudes.
C - Efficiency is reduced due to the increased force of the propeller in the thinner air.
4. Airframe (lsp_7166)
Flaring during a landing
A - decreases the powered parachute`s speed due to increased drag.
B - increases the powered parachute`s speed due to reduced drag.
C - decreases the powered parachute`s drag due to increased speed.
5. Soaring Weather (lsp_2312_0607)
During which period is a sea breeze front most suitable for soaring flight?
A - Shortly after sunrise.
B - During the early forenoon.
C - During the afternoon.
6. Takeoff and Landing Performance (1104_67)
Density altitude, and its effect on landing performance, is defined by
A - pressure altitude and ambient temperature.
B - headwind and landing weight.
C - humidity and braking friction forces.
7. Wing (lsp_7163)
What gives your powered parachute wing/canopy its airfoil shape?
A - The risers because, by decreasing the length of the right riser you will get the precise airfoil shape.
B - The suspension lines as they are precisely measured and fitted to a specific location.
C - The air as it enters the cell openings on the leading edge of the airfoil.
8. Emergency Procedures General (1104_66)
Pilots who become apprehensive for their safety for any reason should
A - request assistance immediately.
B - reduce their situational awareness.
C - change their mindset
9. Air Navigation and Obstruction Lighting (1104_30)
Holding position signs have
A - red inscriptions on white background.
B - white inscriptions on red background.
C - yellow inscriptions on red background.
10. Nature of the Atmosphere (lsp_2217)
What is absolute altitude?
A - The altitude read directly from the altimeter
B - The vertical distance of the aircraft above the surface
C - The height above the standard datum plane