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Sport Pilot Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Sectional Chart (lsp_2303_0607)
(Refer to Figure 58 , area 1.) A balloon launched at Flying S Airport drifts southward what should it indicate if the balloon is to clear the obstacle at 500 feet above the top?
A - 1,531 feet MSL.
B - 1,809 feet MSL.
C - 3,649 feet MSL.
2. Aircraft Systems (lsp_2338_0607)
To properly purge water from the fuel system of an aircraft equipped with fuel tank sumps and a fuel strainer quick drain, it is necessary to drain fuel from the
A - fuel strainer drain.
B - lowest point in the fuel system.
C - fuel strainer drain and the fuel tank sumps.
3. AC 60-22, Aeronautical Decision Making (1104_80)
What is it often called when a pilot pushes his or her capabilities and the aircraft's limits by trying to maintain visual contact with the terrain in low visibility and ceiling?
A - Peer pressure.
B - Scud running.
C - Mind set.
4. Flight Rules General (1104_43)
Which is true regarding flight operations to a satellite airport, without an operating control tower, within the Class C airspace area?
A - Prior to entering that airspace, a pilot must contact the FSS.
B - Prior to entering that airspace, a pilot must contact the tower.
C - Prior to entering that airspace, a pilot must establish and maintain communication with the ATC serving facility.
5. Forces Acting on the Airplane in Flight (lsp_2233)
The direct cause of every stall is excessive
A - angle of attack
B - density altitude
C - upward vertical velocity
6. Fitness for Flight (1104_94)
Which would most likely result in hyperventilation?
A - Emotional tension, anxiety, or fear.
B - The excessive consumption of alcohol.
C - An extremely slow rate of breathing and insufficient oxygen.
7. Flight Rules General (lsp_2352_0607)
A steady green light signal directed from the control tower to an aircraft in flight is a signal that the pilot
A - is cleared to land.
B - should give way to other aircraft and continue circling.
C - should return for landing.
8. Wing (lsp_7161)
Tying a severed suspension line
A - will change the shape of the wing and is not permissible.
B - is permissible if it is shortened no more than six inches.
C - is an acceptable field repair.
9. Fitness for Flight (1104_95)
Large accumulations of carbon monoxide in the human body result in
A - tightness across the forehead.
B - loss of muscular power.
C - an increased sense of well-being.
10. Airport Marking Aids and Signs (1104_23)
(Refer to Figure 63 .) The arrows that appear on the end of the north/south runway indicate that the area
A - may be used only for taxiing.
B - is usable for taxiing, takeoff, and landing.
C - cannot be used for landing, but may be used for taxiing and takeoff.