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Sport Pilot Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. General (1104_141)
If an in-flight emergency requires immediate action, the pilot in command may
A - deviate from any rule of 14 CFR 91 to the extent required to meet the emergency, but must submit a written report to the Administrator within 24 hours.
B - deviate from any rule of 14 CFR 91 to the extent required to meet that emergency.
C - not deviate from any rule of 14 CFR 91 unless, prior to the deviation, the Administrator grants approval.
2. Ground Reference (lsp_2329_0607)
If ground resonance is experienced during rotor spin-up, what action should you take?
A - Taxi to a smooth area.
B - Make a normal takeoff immediately.
C - Close the throttle and slowly raise the spin-up lever.
3. General (1104_127)
A pilot convicted for the violation of any Federal or State statute relating to the process, manufacture, transportation, distribution, or sale of narcotic drugs is grounds for
A - a written report to be filed with the FAA Civil Aviation Security Division (AMC-700) not later than 60 days after the conviction.
B - notification of this conviction to the FAA Civil Aeromedical Institute (CAMI) within 60 days after the conviction.
C - suspension or revocation of any certificate, rating, or authorization issued under 14 CFR part 61
4. Factors Affecting Decision Making (1104_83)
Ignoring minimum fuel reserve requirements is generally the result of overconfidence, disregarding applicable regulations, or
A - lack of flight planning.
B - impulsivity.
C - physical stress.
5. Effects of Flight Controls (lsp_7148)
During a wing stall, the wing tips of a weight shift aircraft are
A - ineffective for stall recovery.
B - effective for stall recovery.
C - effective only when combined with maximum engine output.
6. FAA-S-8081-8, Flight Instructor Practical Test Standards for Glider (lsp_2238)
An electrical system failure (battery and alternator) occurs in a magneto equipped aircraft during flight. In this situation, you would
A - probably experience engine failure due to the loss of the engine-driven fuel pump and also experience failure of the radio equipment, lights, and all instruments that require alternating current.
B - probably experience failure of the engine ignition system, fuel gauges, aircraft lighting system, and avionics equipment.
C - experience avionics equipment failure.
7. Effects of Flight Controls (lsp_2348_0607)
Which aircraft component ensures the wing has a pitch-up tendency?
A - Keel pocket.
B - Luff lines.
C - Washout rod.
8. General (1104_142)
When must a pilot who deviates from a regulation during an emergency send a written report of that deviation to the Administrator?
A - Within 7 days.
B - Within 10 days.
C - Upon request
9. Wake Turbulence (1104_72)
Wingtip vortices are created only when an aircraft is
A - operating at high airspeeds.
B - heavily loaded.
C - developing lift
10. Standard Burn (lsp_2295_0607)
On a balloon equipped with a blast valve, the blast valve is used for
A - climbs and descents only.
B - altitude control.
C - emergencies only.