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Sport Pilot Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Effects of Weight (1104_174)
Problems caused by overloading an aircraft include
A - reduced climb rate, excessive structural loads, and shortened cruising range.
B - increased service ceiling, increased angle of climb, and increased cruising speed.
C - slower takeoff speed, increased maneuverability, and shorter takeoff roll.
2. Fitness for Flight (1104_93)
To overcome the symptoms of hyperventilation, a pilot should
A - swallow or yawn.
B - slow the breathing rate.
C - increase the breathing rate.
3. Latitude and Longitude Meridians and Parallels (lsp_2319_0607)
(Refer to Figure 58 , area 2.) Which airport is located at approximately 47 deg 39 minutes 30 seconds N latitude and 100 deg 53 minutes 00 seconds W longitude?
A - Linrud.
B - Crooked Lake.
C - Johnson.
4. Fitness for Flight (1104_91)
A pilot should be able to overcome the symptoms or avoid future occurrences of hyperventilation by
A - closely monitoring the flight instruments to control the airplane.
B - slowing the breathing rate or breathing into a bag.
C - increasing the breathing rate in order to increase lung ventilation.
5. Airport Lighting Aids (1104_18)
A below glide slope indication from a pulsating visual approach slope indicator is a
A - pulsating white light.
B - steady white light.
C - pulsating red light.
6. Maintenance Preventive Maintenance and Alterations (1104_143)
Who is primarily responsible for maintaining an aircraft in an airworthy condition?
A - The lead mechanic responsible for that aircraft.
B - Pilot in command or operator.
C - Owner or operator of the aircraft.
7. Aviation Weather Forecasts (lsp_2281)
From which primary source should information be obtained regarding expected weather at the estimated time of arrival if your destination has no Terminal Forecast?
A - Low-Level Prognostic Chart
B - Weather depiction chart
C - Area Forecast
8. Reporting of Aircraft Accidents Incidents and Overdue Aircraft (1104_150)
The operator of an aircraft that has been involved in an accident is required to file an accident report within how many days?
A - 5
B - 7
C - 10
9. Basic Calculations (1104_101)
True course 050
True Heading 040
True airspeed 75kts
Groundspeed 65kts
Determine the wind direction and speed.
A - 105° and 16 knots
B - 355° and 16 knots
C - 355° and 10 knots
10. General (lsp_2211)
Which publication covers the procedures required for aircraft accident and incident reporting responsibilities for pilots?
A - FAR Part 61
B - FAR Part 91
C - NTSB Part 830