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Sport Pilot Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Factors Affecting Decision Making (1104_82)
An extreme case of a pilot getting behind the aircraft can lead to the operational pitfall of
A - loss of situational awareness.
B - loss of workload.
C - internal stress.
2. Basic Calculations (1104_99)
If an aircraft is consuming 3 gallons of fuel per hour at a cruising altitude of 500 feet and the groundspeed is 45 mph, how much fuel is required to travel 75 SM?
A - 6 gallons.
B - 5 gallons.
C - 3 gallons.
3. Airworthiness Certificates (0205_44)
How long does the Airworthiness Certificate of an aircraft remain valid?
A - As long as the aircraft has a current Registration Certificate.
B - Indefinitely, unless the aircraft suffers major damage.
C - As long as the aircraft is maintained and operated as required by Federal Aviation Regulations.
4. Airport Operations (1104_12)
A Steady red light from the tower, for an aircraft on the ground, indicates
A - Give way to other aircrat and continue circling.
B - Stop.
C - Taxi clear of the runway in use.
5. Excerpts (lsp_2284_0607)
The term 'weigh-off' means to determine the
A - static equilibrium of the balloon as loaded for flight.
B - amount of gas required for an ascent to a preselected altitude.
C - standard weight and balance of the balloon.
6. Fitness for Flight (1104_95)
Large accumulations of carbon monoxide in the human body result in
A - tightness across the forehead.
B - loss of muscular power.
C - an increased sense of well-being.
7. 4 cycle vs 2 cycle (lsp_7138)
Coolant in a liquid cooled engine is normally circulated by
A - capillary attraction.
B - an electric pump.
C - an engine driven pump.
8. Turbulence (1104_162)
Where does wind shear occur?
A - Only at higher altitudes.
B - Only at lower altitudes.
C - At all altitudes, in all directions
9. Flight Rules General (0205_21)
When would a pilot be required to submit a detailed report of an emergency which caused the pilot to deviate from an ATC clearance?
A - When requested by ATC.
B - Immediately.
C - Within 7 days.
10. Pitot Static Flight Instruments (lsp_2334_0607)
What does the red line on an airspeed indicator represent?
A - Maneuvering speed.
B - Turbulent or rough-air speed.
C - Never-exceed speed.