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Sport Pilot Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Sectional Chart (1104_45)
(Refer to Figure 69 , area 3.) What is the floor of the Savannah Class C airspace at the shelf area (outer circle)?
A - 1,300 feet AGL.
B - 1,300 feet MSL.
C - 1,700 feet MSL.
2. Emergency Procedures General (1104_66)
Pilots who become apprehensive for their safety for any reason should
A - request assistance immediately.
B - reduce their situational awareness.
C - change their mindset
3. Preservation of Aircraft Wreckage Mail Cargo and Records (1104_151)
May aircraft wreckage be moved prior to the time the NTSB takes custody?
A - Yes, but only if moved by a federal, state, or local law enforcement officer.
B - Yes, but only to protect the wreckage from further damage.
C - No, it may not be moved under any circumstances.
4. Airport Lighting Aids (1104_19)
An airport's rotating beacon operated during daylight hours often indicates
A - there are obstructions on the airport.
B - the ground visibility is less than 3 miles and/or the ceiling is less than 1,000 feet
C - the Air Traffic Control tower is not in operation.
5. Flight Rules General (1104_43)
Which is true regarding flight operations to a satellite airport, without an operating control tower, within the Class C airspace area?
A - Prior to entering that airspace, a pilot must contact the FSS.
B - Prior to entering that airspace, a pilot must contact the tower.
C - Prior to entering that airspace, a pilot must establish and maintain communication with the ATC serving facility.
6. Ascents and Descents (lsp_2298_0607)
What is a potential hazard when climbing at maximum rate?
A - The envelope may collapse.
B - Deflation ports may be forced open.
C - The rapid flow of air may extinguish the burner and pilot light.
7. Service Available to Pilots (1104_34)
(Refer to Figure 56 , area 3.) What is the recommended communications procedure for a landing at Currituck County Airport?
A - Transmit intentions on 122.9 MHz when 10 miles out and give position reports in the traffic pattern.
B - Contact Elizabeth City FSS for airport advisory service.
C - Contact New Bern FSS for area traffic information.
8. Engine Operation (lsp_2242)
One purpose of the dual ignition system on a two cycle engine is to provide for
A - system redundancy in the ignition system
B - uniform heat distribution
C - balanced cylinder head pressure
9. Wind (lsp_2309_0607)
What condition does a rising barometer indicate for balloon operations?
A - Decreasing clouds and wind.
B - Chances of thunderstorms
C - Approaching frontal activity.
10. Stable and Unstable Air (1104_165)
What are characteristics of a moist, unstable air mass?
A - Cumuliform clouds and showery precipitation.
B - Poor visibility and smooth air.
C - Stratiform clouds and showery precipitation.