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Sport Pilot Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Airport Marking Aids and Signs (1104_27)
What is the purpose of the runway hold position sign?
A - Denotes area protected for an aircraft approaching or departing a runway.
B - Denotes runways that intersect other runways.
C - Denotes an entrance to taxiway from a runway.
2. Pitot Static Flight Instruments (lsp_2339_0607)
The pitot system provides impact pressure for which instrument?
A - Altimeter.
B - Vertical-speed indicator.
C - Airspeed indicator.
3. Effects of Flight Controls (lsp_7154)
The wing of a weight shift aircraft twists so that the angle of attack
A - from the center of the wing to the wing tip is variable and can be adjusted by the pilot in flight to optimize performance.
B - changes from a a low angle of attack at the center of the wing, to a high angle of attack at the tips.
C - changes from a high angle of attack at the center of the wing, to a low angle of attack at the tips.
4. Descents (lsp_2239)
The best speed to use for a glide is one that will result in the greatest glide distance for a given amount of
A - altitude
B - fuel
C - drag
5. Weight and Balance (LSP_0607_148)
(Refer to Figure 36 .)
Gyroplane basic weight1,315150.1 (oil included
Pilot weight140?
Passenger weight150?
27 gal fuel162?

The CG is located
A - outside the CG envelope; the maximum gross weight is exceeded.
B - outside the CG envelope; the maximum gross weight and the gross-weight moment are exceeded.
C - within the CG envelope; neither maximum gross weight nor gross-weight moment is exceeded.
6. Airport Traffic Patterns and Operations (1104_1)
Inbound to an airport with no tower in operation but with a Flight Service Station (FSS) open, a pilot should communicate with the FSS on the common traffic advisory frequency (CTAF)
A - 20 miles out.
B - 10 miles out.
C - 5 miles out.
7. Sectional Chart (1104_112)
(Refer to Figure 56 , area 2.) The flag symbol at Lake Drummond represents a
A - compulsory reporting point for Norfolk Class C airspace.
B - compulsory reporting point for Hampton Roads Airport.
C - visual checkpoint used to identify position for initial callup to Norfolk Approach Control.
8. Turbulence (1104_159)
One of the most dangerous features of mountain waves is the turbulent area in and
A - below rotor clouds.
B - above rotor clouds.
C - below lenticular clouds.
9. Sectional Chart (lsp_2306_0607)
(Refer to Figure 57 , area 8.) What minimum altitude is required to fly over the Cedar Hill TV towers in the congested area south of NAS Dallas?
A - 2,555 feet MSL.
B - 3,449 feet MSL.
C - 3,349 feet MSL.
10. Ignition Systems (lsp_7142)
A typical two-cycle engine ignition coil is powered by
A - a battery.
B - a battery or an alternator.
C - a magneto.