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Sport Pilot Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Performance (lsp_2230)
Maximum endurance is obtained at the point of minimum power to maintain the aircraft
A - in steady, level flight
B - in a long range descent
C - at its slowest possible indicated airspeed
2. Airport Marking Aids and Signs (1104_22)
(Refer to Figure 72 ) Which marking indicates a vehicle lane?
A - A
B - C
C - E
3. Landings (lsp_2296_0607)
When landing a free balloon, what should the occupants do to minimize landing shock?
A - Be seated on the floor of the basket.
B - Stand with knees slightly bent, in the center of the gondola, facing the direction of movement.
C - Stand back-to-back and hold onto the load ring.
4. Basic Calculations (1104_105)
To find the distance flown in a given time, multiply time by
A - groundspeed.
B - indicated airspeed.
C - equivalent airspeed.
5. Initial Notification of Aircraft Accidents Incidents and Overdue Aircraft (0205_36)
While taxiing on the parking ramp, the landing gear, wheel, and tire are damaged by striking ground equipment. What action would be required to comply with NTSB Part 830?
A - A report must be filed with the nearest FAA field office within 7 days.
B - An immediate notification must be filed by the operator of the aircraft with the nearest NTSB field office.
C - No notification or report is required.
6. Pitot Static Flight Instruments (lsp_2339_0607)
The pitot system provides impact pressure for which instrument?
A - Altimeter.
B - Vertical-speed indicator.
C - Airspeed indicator.
7. Excerpts (lsp_2297_0607)
What causes false lift which sometimes occurs during launch procedures?
A - Closing the maneuvering vent too rapidly.
B - Excessive temperature within the envelope.
C - Venturi effect of the wind on the envelope.
8. Descents (lsp_2239)
The best speed to use for a glide is one that will result in the greatest glide distance for a given amount of
A - altitude
B - fuel
C - drag
9. Wake Turbulence (1104_39)
What wind condition prolongs the hazards of wake turbulence on a landing runway for the longest period of time?
A - Light quartering headwind.
B - Direct tailwind.
C - Light quartering tailwind.
10. 4 cycle vs 2 cycle (lsp_2245)
A standby source of fuel to an engine in a powered parachute is typically
A - from an electrically powered pump
B - through gravity feed
C - from a pressurized fuel tank