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Sport Pilot Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. General (1104_147)
Preflight action, as required for all flights away from the vicinity of an airport, shall include
A - the designation of an alternate airport.
B - a study of arrival procedures at airports of intended use.
C - an alternate course of action if the flight cannot be completed as planned.
2. Aircraft Systems (lsp_2333_0607)
An electrical system failure (battery and alternator) occurs during flight. In this situation, you would
A - experience avionics equipment failure.
B - probably experience failure of the engine ignition system, fuel gauges, aircraft lighting system, and avionics equipment.
C - probably experience engine failure due to the loss of the engine-driven fuel pump and also experience failure of the radio equipment, lights, and all instruments that require alternating current.
3. Flight Rules General (0205_74)
Which is true regarding flight operations to a satellite airport, without an operating control tower, within Class C airspace?
A - Prior to entering that airspace, a Sport Pilot must contact the FSS.
B - Prior to entering that airspace, a Sport Pilot must contact the primary airport tower.
C - Prior to entering that airspace, a Sport Pilot must receive the appropriate logbook endorsement.
4. Radar Summary Chart (0205_46)
What information is provided by the Radar Summary Chart that is not shown on other weather charts?
A - Lines and cells of hazardous thunderstorms.
B - Ceilings and precipitation between reporting stations.
C - Areas of cloud cover and icing levels within the clouds.
5. Descents (lsp_2239)
The best speed to use for a glide is one that will result in the greatest glide distance for a given amount of
A - altitude
B - fuel
C - drag
6. 4 cycle vs 2 cycle (lsp_2245)
A standby source of fuel to an engine in a powered parachute is typically
A - from an electrically powered pump
B - through gravity feed
C - from a pressurized fuel tank
7. Performance (lsp_2236)
When range and economy of operation are the principle goals, the pilot must ensure that the airplane will be operated at the recommended
A - specific endurance
B - long-range cruise performance
C - equivalent airspeed
8. AC 90-48, Pilots Role in Collision Avoidance (1104_65)
Most midair collision accidents occur during
A - clear days.
B - hazy days.
C - cloudy nights
9. Airplane Performance (1104_10)
Which combination of atmospheric conditions will reduce aircraft takeoff and climb performance?
A - Low temperature, low relative humidity, and low density altitude.
B - High temperature, low relative humidity, and low density altitude.
C - High temperature, high relative humidity, and high density altitude.
10. AC 60-22, Aeronautical Decision Making (1104_84)
Risk management, as part of the Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) process, relies on which features to reduce the risks associated with each flight?
A - The mental process of analyzing all information in a particular situation and making a timely decision on what action to take.
B - Situational awareness, problem recognition, and good judgment.
C - Application of stress management and risk element procedures