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Sport Pilot Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Dead Reckoning (lsp_7168)
When converting from true course to magnetic heading, a pilot should
A - subtract easterly variation and right wind correction angle.
B - add westerly variation and subtract left wind correction angle.
C - subtract westerly variation and add right wind correction angle.
2. Airport Marking Aids and Signs (lsp_7167)
What is the purpose of No Entry sign?
A - Identifies paved area where aircraft are prohibited from entering.
B - Identifies area that does not continue beyond intersection.
C - Identifies the exit boundary for the runway protected area.
3. 4 cycle and 2 cycle Engines (lsp_7139)
In order to improve engine efficiency, two-cycle engine exhaust systems are tuned to
A - close the exhast valve to stop the fuel mixture from exiting the cylinder.
B - stop the fuel mixture from exiting the cylinder before cumbustion.
C - use a reed valve to stop the fuel mixture from exiting the cylinder.
4. Fitness for Flight (1104_97)
A state of temporary confusion resulting from misleading information being sent to the brain by various sensory organs is defined as
A - spatial disorientation.
B - hyperventilation.
C - hypoxia.
5. Performance (lsp_2236)
When range and economy of operation are the principle goals, the pilot must ensure that the airplane will be operated at the recommended
A - specific endurance
B - long-range cruise performance
C - equivalent airspeed
6. Environmental and Health Factors Affecting Pilot Performance (02_2202)
Which will almost always affect your ability to fly?
A - Over-the-counter analgesics and antihistamines.
B - Antibiotics and anesthetic drugs.
C - Prescription analgesics and antihistamines.
7. Airport Marking Aids and Signs (1104_25)
'Runway hold position' markings on the taxiway
A - identify areas where aircraft are prohibited.
B - identify where aircraft hold short of the runway.
C - allow an aircraft permission onto the runway.
8. Electrical Output (lsp_7141)
The purpose of a kill switch is to
A - shut off the fuel to the carburetor.
B - ground the lead wire to the ignition coil shuting down the powerplant.
C - ground the battery eliminating current for the ignition system.
9. Other Airspace Areas (1104_53)
One of the purposes for issuing a Temporary Flight Restricion (TFR) is to
A - announce Parachute Jump Areas.
B - protect public figures.
C - identify Airport Advisory Areas.
10. Ground Reference (lsp_2329_0607)
If ground resonance is experienced during rotor spin-up, what action should you take?
A - Taxi to a smooth area.
B - Make a normal takeoff immediately.
C - Close the throttle and slowly raise the spin-up lever.