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Practice for the FAA Private Pilot written exam

Private Pilot

Private Pilot

In order to obtain a Private Pilot license, you will need to take two exams – the knowledge test, also known as the written test and the Practical (or flight) test. This is a ‘test prep’ site so naturally you can prepare for the knowledge test here. You can practice the actual FAA questions as often as you like until you are confident that you are ready to pass. We have quite a few features to help you with this:

  • We stay up to date with all the questions that the FAA makes available.
  • You can browse the whole question pool, review the correct answers.
  • You can practice by topic or take full exams from the whole question pool.
  • The site tracks your performance for each question, allowing you to customize the tests to focus on areas in which you need more practice.
  • All figures are provided including high resolution, ‘zoomable’ sectional and en route charts.
  • Online scientific calculator and whizz-wheel E6B for calculations.

By joining PrepareToTest you get more than just the test prep, we also provide:

  • Tips and techniques to improve your learning skills
  • A growing collection of links to top notch aviation educational material online.
  • Downloadable FAA manuals and handbooks.
  • FAA safety videos from aviators such as Patty Wagstaff and Dick Rutan.

You are going to be flying for many years to come, use PrepareToTest to:

  • Stay current with your core aviation knowledge.
  • Get a head start on future certificates and ratings by studying the material in a familiar environment.
  • Track your recurrent training to ensure you stay sharp on airspace, regulations, weather and more.
  • Use the training and educational links as your own personal reference library that keeps on growing.

I certainly hope that you will find this site meets your needs, if you’d like to give us a try its a one time cost of $20 for the Private Pilot exam. This covers Airplane, Rotorcraft, Glider, Lighter than Air, Weight Shift and Powered Parachute exams. If at any point you are unhappy with your decision – let me know and you will get a full 100% refund.

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