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Private Pilot Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Airplane Stability (3212)
What causes an airplane (except a T-tail) to pitch nosedown when power is reduced and controls are not adjusted?
A - The CG shifts forward when thrust and drag are reduced.
B - The downwash on the elevators from the propeller slipstream is reduced and elevator effectiveness is reduced.
C - When thrust is reduced to less than weight, lift is also reduced and the wings can no longer support the weight.
2. Airport Operations (3806)
(Refer to Figure 50 .) If the wind is as shown by the landing direction indicator, the pilot should land on
A - Runway 18 and expect a crosswind from the right.
B - Runway 22 directly into the wind.
C - Runway 36 and expect a crosswind from the right.
3. Airport Facility Directory (3843)
The letters VHF/DF appearing in the Airport/Facility Directory for a certain airport indicate that
A - this airport is designated as an airport of entry.
B - the Flight Service Station has equipment with which to determine your direction from the station.
C - this airport has a direct-line phone to the Flight Service Station.
4. Sectional Chart (3634)
(Refer to Figure 22 .) The terrain elevation of the light tan area between Minot (area 1) and Audubon Lake (area 2) varies from
A - sea level to 2,000 feet MSL.
B - 2,000 feet to 2,500 feet MSL.
C - 2,000 feet to 2,700 feet MSL.
5. The Pitot Static System and Associated Instruments (3261)
If it is necessary to set the altimeter from 29.15 to 29.85, what change occurs?
A - 70-foot increase in indicated altitude.
B - 70-foot increase in density altitude.
C - 700-foot increase in indicated altitude.
6. Flight Rules General (3093)
Which aircraft has the right-of-way over the other aircraft listed?
A - Glider.
B - Airship.
C - Aircraft refueling other aircraft.
7. Aviation Routine Weather Report METAR (3466)
(Refer to Figure 12 .) The remarks section for KMDW has RAB35 listed. This entry means
A - blowing mist has reduced the visibility to 1-1/2 SM.
B - rain began at 1835Z.
C - the barometer has risen .35 inches Hg.
8. Service Available to Pilots (3795)
An ATC radar facility issues the following advisory to a pilot flying north in a calm wind:
Where should the pilot look for this traffic?
A - South.
B - North.
C - West.
9. General Definitions (3002)
With respect to the certification of airmen, which is a class of aircraft?
A - Airplane, rotorcraft, glider, lighter-than-air.
B - Single-engine land and sea, multiengine land and sea.
C - Lighter-than-air, airship, hot air balloon, gas balloon.
10. Charting the Course (3552)
(Refer to Figure 24 .) What is the approximate position of the aircraft if the VOR receivers indicate the 320° radial of Savannah VORTAC (area 3) and the 184° radial of Allendale VOR (area 1)?
A - Town of Guyton.
B - Town of Springfield.
C - 3 miles east of Marlow.