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Private Pilot Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Radio Navigation (3561)
(Refer to Figure 25 Figure 29 , and Figure 25 Figure 29 .) The VOR is tuned to Bonham VORTAC (area 3), and the aircraft is positioned over the town of Sulphur Springs (area 5). Which VOR indication is correct?
A - 1.
B - 7.
C - 8.
2. Latitude and Longitude Meridians and Parallels (3572)
(Refer to Figure 28 .) An aircraft departs an airport in the central standard time zone at 0930 CST for a 2-hour flight to an airport located in the mountain standard time zone. The landing should be at what time?
A - 0930 MST.
B - 1030 MST.
C - 1130 MST.
3. The Pitot Static System and Associated Instruments (3271)
(Refer to Figure 4 .) Which color identifies the normal flap operating range?
A - The lower limit of the white arc to the upper limit of the green arc.
B - The green arc.
C - The white arc.
4. Visual Flight Rules (3132)
What is the specific fuel requirement for flight under VFR at night in an airplane?
A - Enough to complete the flight at normal cruising speed with adverse wind conditions.
B - Enough to fly to the first point of intended landing and to fly after that for 30 minutes at normal cruising speed.
C - Enough to fly to the first point of intended landing and to fly after that for 45 minutes at normal cruising speed.
5. Service Available to Pilots (3608)
(Refer to Figure 23 Figure 32 , area 2; and Figure 23 Figure 32 .) What is the correct UNICOM frequency to be used at Coeur D'Alene to request fuel?
A - 135.075 MHz.
B - 122.1/108.8 MHz.
C - 122.8 MHz.
6. The Pitot Static System and Associated Instruments (3267)
(Refer to Figure 4 .) The maximum speed at which the airplane can be operated in smooth air is
A - 100 MPH.
B - 165 MPH.
C - 208 MPH.
7. Special Use Airspace (3602)
(Refer to Figure 27 , area 2.) What hazards to aircraft may exist in areas such as Devils Lake East MOA?
A - Unusual, often invisible, hazards to aircraft such as artillery firing, aerial gunnery, or guided missiles.
B - Military training activities that necessitate acrobatic or abrupt flight maneuvers.
C - High volume of pilot training or an unusual type of aerial activity.
8. Arctic Weather (3447)
Low-level turbulence can occur and icing can become hazardous in which type of fog?
A - Rain-induced fog.
B - Upslope fog.
C - Steam fog.
9. Maintenance Preventive Maintenance and Alterations (3192)
Maintenance records show the last transponder inspection was performed on September 1, 1993. The next inspection will be due no later than
A - September 30, 1994.
B - September 1, 1995.
C - September 30, 1995.
10. Service Available to Pilots (3797)
From whom should a departing VFR aircraft request radar traffic information during ground operations?
A - Clearance delivery.
B - Tower, just before takeoff.
C - Ground control, on initial contact.