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Private Pilot Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Special Use Airspace (3785)
What action should a pilot take when operating under VFR in a Military Operations Area (MOA)?
A - Obtain a clearance from the controlling agency prior to entering the MOA.
B - Operate only on the airways that transverse the MOA.
C - Exercise extreme caution when military activity is being conducted.
2. Clouds (3419)
What clouds have the greatest turbulence?
A - Towering cumulus.
B - Cumulonimbus.
C - Nimbostratus.
3. AC 00-2, Advisory Circular Checklist (3856)
FAA advisory circulars containing subject matter specifically related to Air Traffic Control and General Operations are issued under which subject number?
A - 60.
B - 70.
C - 90.
4. Radar Summary Chart (3519)
What does the heavy dashed line that forms a large rectangular box on a radar summary chart refer to?
A - Areas of heavy rain.
B - Severe weather watch area.
C - Areas of hail 1/4 inch in diameter.
5. Arctic Weather (3447)
Low-level turbulence can occur and icing can become hazardous in which type of fog?
A - Rain-induced fog.
B - Upslope fog.
C - Steam fog.
6. Turning Tendency Torque Effect (3209)
When does P-factor cause the airplane to yaw to the left?
A - When at low angles of attack.
B - When at high angles of attack.
C - When at high airspeeds.
7. Loads and Load Factors (3214)
(Refer to Figure 2 .) If an airplane weighs 2,300 pounds, what approximate weight would the airplane structure be required to support during a 60 banked turn while maintaining altitude?
A - 2,300 pounds.
B - 3,400 pounds.
C - 4,600 pounds.
8. Atmospheric Pressure and Altimetry (3388)
Under which condition will pressure altitude be equal to true altitude?
A - When the atmospheric pressure is 29.92 inches Hg.
B - When standard atmospheric conditions exist.
C - When indicated altitude is equal to the pressure altitude.
9. Fitness for Flight (3833)
What effect does haze have on the ability to see traffic or terrain features during flight?
A - Haze causes the eyes to focus at infinity.
B - The eyes tend to overwork in haze and do not detect relative movement easily.
C - All traffic or terrain features appear to be farther away than their actual distance.
10. Engine Operation (3241)
Which would most likely cause the cylinder head temperature and engine oil temperature gauges to exceed their normal operating ranges?
A - Using fuel that has a lower-than-specified fuel rating.
B - Using fuel that has a higher-than-specified fuel rating.
C - Operating with higher-than-normal oil pressure.