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Private Pilot Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. The Pitot Static System and Associated Instruments (3268)
(Refer to Figure 4 .) Which color identifies the never-exceed speed?
A - Lower limit of the yellow arc.
B - Upper limit of the white arc.
C - The red radial line.
2. Abbreviations and Symbols (3006)
Which V-speed represents maneuvering speed?
A - VA.
B - VLO.
C - VNE.
3. Air Masses and Fronts (3424)
Steady precipitation preceding a front is an indication of
A - stratiform clouds with moderate turbulence.
B - cumuliform clouds with little or no turbulence.
C - stratiform clouds with little or no turbulence.
4. Crosswind After Landing Roll (767)
(Refer to Figure 61 .) How should the 500-pound weight be shifted to balance the plank on the fulcrum?
A - 1 inch to the left.
B - 1 inch to the right.
C - 4.5 inches to the right.
5. Controlled Airspace (3788)
A non-tower satellite airport, within the same Class D airspace as that designated for the primary airport, requires radio communications be established and maintained with the
A - satellite airport's UNICOM.
B - associated Flight Service Station.
C - primary airport's control tower.
6. Airplane Stability (3212)
What causes an airplane (except a T-tail) to pitch nosedown when power is reduced and controls are not adjusted?
A - The CG shifts forward when thrust and drag are reduced.
B - The downwash on the elevators from the propeller slipstream is reduced and elevator effectiveness is reduced.
C - When thrust is reduced to less than weight, lift is also reduced and the wings can no longer support the weight.
7. Balance Stability and Center of Gravity (3666)
(Refer to figures 33 and 34.) What is the maximum amount of baggage that can be carried when the airplane is loaded as follows?
Front seat occupants - 387 lb
Rear seat occupants - 293 lb
Fuel- 35 gal
A - 45 pounds.
B - 63 pounds.
C - 220 pounds.
8. Radio Navigation (3532)
(Refer to Figure 21 .) What is your approximate position on low altitude airway Victor 1, southwest of Norfolk (area 1), if the VOR receiver indicates you are on the 340° radial of Elizabeth City VOR (area 3)?
A - 15 nautical miles from Norfolk VORTAC.
B - 18 nautical miles from Norfolk VORTAC.
C - 23 nautical miles from Norfolk VORTAC.
9. Sectional Chart (3643)
(Refer to Figure 26 , area 5.) The navigation facility at Dallas-Ft. Worth International (DFW) is a
A - VOR.
10. Visual Flight Rules (3137)
What minimum visibility and clearance from clouds are required for VFR operations in Class G airspace at 700 feet AGL or below during daylight hours?
A - 1 mile visibility and clear of clouds.
B - 1 mile visibility, 500 feet below, 1,000 feet above, and 2,000 feet horizontal clearance from clouds.
C - 3 miles visibility and clear of clouds.