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Private Pilot Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. The Pitot Static System and Associated Instruments (3264)
What does the red line on an airspeed indicator represent?
A - Maneuvering speed.
B - Turbulent or rough-air speed.
C - Never-exceed speed.
2. Basic Calculations (3575)
(Refer to Figure 28 .) An aircraft departs an airport in the Pacific standard time zone at 1030 PST for a 4-hour flight to an airport located in the central standard time zone. The landing should be at what coordinated universal time?
A - 2030Z.
B - 2130Z.
C - 2230Z.
3. Night Vision (3714)
The most effective method of scanning for other aircraft for collision avoidance during nighttime hours is to use
A - regularly spaced concentration on the 3-, 9-, and 12-o'clock positions.
B - a series of short, regularly spaced eye movements to search each 30-degree sector.
C - peripheral vision by scanning small sectors and utilizing offcenter viewing.
4. Dead Reckoning (773)
When converting from true course to magnetic heading, a pilot should
A - subtract easterly variation and right wind correction angle.
B - add westerly variation and subtract left wind correction angle.
C - subtract westerly variation and add right wind correction angle.
5. Aviation Weather Forecasts (3497)
SIGMET's are issued as a warning of weather conditions hazardous to which aircraft?
A - Small aircraft only.
B - Large aircraft only.
C - All aircraft.
6. Weather Depiction Chart (3509)
(Refer to Figure 18 .) Of what value is the Weather Depiction Chart to the pilot?
A - For determining general weather conditions on which to base flight planning.
B - For a forecast of cloud coverage, visibilities, and frontal activity.
C - For determining frontal trends and air mass characteristics.
7. Aviation Weather Forecasts (3485)
(Refer to Figure 15 .) During the time period from 0600Z to 0800Z, what visibility is forecast for KOKC?
A - Greater than 6 statute miles.
B - Possibly 6 statute miles.
C - Not forecasted.
8. Service Available to Pilots (3792)
An ATC radar facility issues the following advisory to a pilot flying on a heading of 090°:
Where should the pilot look for this traffic?
A - East.
B - South.
C - West.
9. Basic Calculations (3529)
(Refer to Figure 21 .) En route to First Flight Airport (area 5), your flight passes over Hampton Roads Airport (area 2) at 1456 and then over Chesapeake Municipal at 1501. At what time should your flight arrive at First Flight?
A - 1516.
B - 1521.
C - 1526.
10. Wind (3395)
The wind at 5,000 feet AGL is southwesterly while the surface wind is southerly. This difference in direction is primarily due to
A - stronger pressure gradient at higher altitudes.
B - friction between the wind and the surface.
C - stronger Coriolis force at the surface.