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Instrument Rating Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Clouds (IRA-4134)
What are the four families of clouds?
A - Stratus, cumulus, nimbus, and cirrus.
B - Clouds formed by updrafts, fronts, cooling layers of air, and precipitation into warm air.
C - High, middle, low, and those with extensive vertical development.
2. Other Airspace Areas (IRA-4469)
When are you required to establish communications with the tower, (Class D airspace) if you cancel your IFR flight plan 10 miles from the destination?
A - Immediately after canceling the flight plan.
B - When advised by ARTCC.
C - Before entering Class D airspace.
3. Wind (IRA-4108)
Which force, in the Northern Hemisphere, acts at a right angle to the wind and deflects it to the right until parallel to the isobars?
A - Coriolis.
B - Pressure gradient.
C - Centrifugal.
4. Meteorology (IRA-4257)
(Refer to Figure 13 .) What effect will a microburst encounter have upon the aircraft in position 4?
A - Strong updraft.
B - Significant performance increase.
C - Strong tailwind.
5. Departure Procedures (IRA-4489)
(Refer to Figure 85 .) What route should you take if cleared for the Washoe Two Departure and your assigned route is V6?
A - Climb on the LOC south course to cross WAGGE at 9,000, turn left and fly direct to FMG VORTAC and cross at or above 10,000, and proceed on FMG R 241.
B - Climb on the LOC south course to WAGGE, turn left and fly direct to FMG VORTAC. If at 10,000 turn left and proceed on FMG R 241; if not at 10,000 enter depicted holding pattern and climb to 10,000 before proceeding on FMG R 241.
C - Climb on the LOC south course to WAGGE where you will be vectored to V6.
6. Using the Navigation Instruments (IRA-4580)
(Refer to Figure 100 .) What is the magnetic bearing TO the station as indicated by illustration 4?
A - 285°.
B - 055°.
C - 235°.
7. Stable and Unstable Air (IRA-4121)
Stability can be determined from which measurement of the atmosphere?
A - Low level winds.
B - Atmospheric pressure.
C - Ambient lapse rate.
8. Using the Navigation Instruments (IRA-4559)
(Refer to Figure 95 .) Which OBS selection on the No. 1 NAV would center the CDI and change the ambiguity indication to a TO?
A - 175°.
B - 345°.
C - 165°.
9. Controlled Airspace (IRA-4474)
The vertical extent of the Class A airspace throughout the conterminous U.S. extends from
A - 12,500 feet to and including FL 600.
B - 18,000 feet to and including FL 600.
C - 18,000 feet to and including FL 450.
10. Airspace General (IRA-4080)
What is the purpose of FDC NOTAMs?
A - To provide the latest information on the status of navigation facilities to all FSS facilities for scheduled broadcasts.
B - To advise of changes in flight data which affect instrument approach procedure (IAP), aeronautical charts, and flight restrictions prior to normal publication.
C - To issue notices for all airports and navigation facilities in the shortest possible time.