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Instrument Rating Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Flight Rules General (IRA-4630)
If a pilot elects to proceed to the selected alternate, the landing minimums used at that airport should be the
A - minimums specified for the approach procedure selected.
B - alternate minimums shown on the approach chart.
C - minimums shown for that airport in a separate listing of "IFR Alternate Minimums."
2. Airport Lighting Aids (IRA-4790)
(Refer to Figure 136 .) Which illustration would a pilot observe if the aircraft is less than 2.5°?
A - 12.
B - 11.
C - 10.
3. En Route Procedures (IRA-4612)
(Refer to Figure 113 .) You receive this ATC clearance:
What is the recommended procedure to enter the holding pattern.
A - Direct only.
B - Parallel only.
C - Teardrop only.
4. Arrival Procedures (IRA-4658)
(Refer to Figure 125 .) If cleared for an S-LOC 17R approach at Lincoln Municipal from over TOUHY, it means the flight should
A - land straight in on runway 17R.
B - comply with straight-in landing minimums.
C - begin final approach without making a procedure turn.
5. Preflight (IRA-4405)
The most current en route and destination flight information for planning an instrument flight should be obtained from
A - Notices to Airmen (Class II).
B - the ATIS broadcast.
C - the FSS.
6. Flight Rules General (IRA-4427)
No person may operate an aircraft in controlled airspace under IFR unless he/she files a flight plan
A - and receives a clearance by telephone prior to takeoff.
B - prior to takeoff and requests the clearance upon arrival on an airway.
C - and receives a clearance prior to entering controlled airspace.
7. Using the Navigation Instruments (IRA-4315)
(Refer to figures 52 and 54.) What is the aircraft's position relative to the HABUT intersection? (The VOR 2 is tuned to 116.5.)
A - North of the localizer and approaching the GVO R 163.
B - South of the localizer and past the GVO R 163.
C - South of the localizer and approaching the GVO R 163.
8. En Route Low Altitude Chart (IRA-4262)
(Refer to figures 22 and 24.) For planning purposes, what would be the highest MEA on V187 between Grand Junction, Walker Airport and Durango, La Plata Co. Airport?
A - 16,000 feet.
B - 12,000 feet.
C - 15,000 feet.
9. Instrument Approach Procedures (IRA-4368)
(Refer to figures 74 and 80) Which aircraft approach category should be used for a circling approach for a landing on RWY 27?
A - C.
B - A.
C - B.
10. Airport Lighting Aids (IRA-4795)
Which type of runway lighting consists of a pair of synchronized flashing lights, one on each side of the runway threshold?