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Instrument Rating Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Air Navigation Radio Aids (IRA-4388)
In which publication can the VOR receiver ground checkpoint(s) for a particular airport be found?
A - Airman's Information Manual.
B - En Route Low Altitude Chart.
C - Airport/Facility Directory.
2. Equipment Instrument and Certificate Requirements (IRA-4653)
Refer to Figure 123 .) What minimum navigation equipment is required to complete the VOR/DME-A procedure?
A - One VOR receiver.
B - Two VOR receivers and DME.
C - One VOR receiver and DME.
3. En Route Procedures (IRA-4766)
To ensure proper airspace protection while in a holding pattern, what is the maximum indicated airspeed above 14,000 feet?
A - 265 knots.
B - 200 knots.
C - 220 knots.
4. Airspace General (IRA-4539)
What minimum aircraft equipment is required for operation within Class C airspace?
A - Two-way communications and Mode C transponder.
B - Two-way communications.
C - Transponder and DME.
5. ATC Clearance Separations (IRA-4454)
What cruising altitude is appropriate for VFR on Top on a westbound flight below 18,000 feet?
A - Even thousand foot levels.
B - Even thousand foot levels plus 500 feet, but not below MEA.
C - Odd thousand foot levels plus 500 feet, but not below MEA.
6. Pilot Controller Roles and Responsibilities (IRA-4545)
ATC may assign the MOCA when certain special conditions exist, and when within
A - 30 NM of a VOR.
B - 25 NM of a VOR.
C - 22 NM of a VOR.
7. Instrument Approach Procedures (IRA-4661)
(Refer to Figure 126 .) What is the ability to identify the RRS 2.5 stepdown fix worth in terms of localizer circle-to-land minimums for a category C aircraft?
A - Decreases MDA by 20 feet.
B - Decreases visibility by 1/2 SM.
C - Without the stepdown fix, a circling approach is not available.
8. Airport Lighting Aids (IRA-4778)
When on the proper glidepath of a 2 bar VASI, the pilot will see the near bar as
A - white and the far bar as white.
B - white and the far bar as red.
C - red and the far bar as white.
9. Air Masses and Fronts (IRA-4128)
Which are characteristics of an unstable cold air mass moving over a warm surface?
A - Cumuliform clouds, turbulence, and good visibility.
B - Stratiform clouds, smooth air, and poor visibility.
C - Cumuliform clouds, turbulence, and poor visibility.
10. Airport Lighting Aids (IRA-4776)
The middle and far bars of a 3 bar VASI will
A - constitute a 2 bar VASI for using the lower glidepath.
B - constitute a 2 bar VASI for using the upper glidepath.
C - both appear white to the pilot when on the upper glidepath.