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High Resolution Figures

High resolution sectional charts and other figures

Being able to read the figures is essential to answering the questions! We’ve introduced new Flash-based technology that enables us to provide high-resolution, zoomable images at a download speed that is practical, even for dialup users. Click on the sectional chart below to zoom in, click and drag to move the image around or use the control panel at the bottom of the screen. This feature requires the Flash plugin, version 6 or higher. Currently the sectional charts used in the Light Sport Pilot, Private Pilot and Instrument rating figures are in this format, however, we are phasing them in as needed in the other exams.

Try this feature below – double click anywhere on the sectional chart to zoom in, then click and drag to move the image. Alternatively grab the zoom slider on the control panel and zoom in or out as needed. You can also move the red rectangle in the thumbnail view to see the part of the chart you need.