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Customizable Exams

Customize your test prep to suit your style

You have a personal learning style, a way of reviewing and learning new material that just works best for you. You learn and retain information far better if its presented in this way. To help you best prepare for your knowledge test  We have provided a number of different ways for you to customize your study so you can use whichever suits you best.

Practice test creation

For Private and Commercial exams, you have the option of selecting to study for the Airplane, Glider, Rotorcraft or Lighter than Air categories. Once you have selected the appropriate category, choose the subject areas you wish to study, the number of questions you wish to take and how you want the questions to be selected. Click the Take Exam button to start taking the test.

Try the sample Private Pilot Airplane
or the AMT General Test!

Easy exam setup – Select the category of licence (where applicable), the subject areas, number of questions, timing options and question selection options and then Take the Exam

Advanced Features

Exams can be timed to more accurately simulate a real test, the time is automatically allocated based on the number of questions you selected and the time available to take a full exam

The time remaining is continuously displayed in the web browser’s status bar.

If you dont finish the exam in the time allowed the exam will be stopped and you will be graded on what you have completed up to that point.

The questions used in the practice test can be customized beyond simply selecting which subject areas are included. By using your saved exam results the exam generation algorithm can create new exams that ensure you practice the entire question pool or have extra practice at the questions you find the most difficult.

Question selection options

The random option selects questions at random from the question pool. If you choose to select unpracticed questions the exam will contain questions you have never seen before, or if you have practiced each question at least once, the questions you have seen least often. Your performance
on each question is saved and so you can ask for an exam that contains the questions you have had the most difficulty answering in the past – great for improving any weak spots.