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Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive Progress Reports and Charts

As you take practice exams on PrepareToTest each result is saved in your personal results database, tracking your progress as you work through the question pool and study and master each subject area.

Unique Pool Coverage Report

Only PrepareToTest provides a unique graphical report of how much of the entire question pool you have studied to date. Each chart shows how many questions that you have studied for that subject area and how many still remain to be tested. The pie charts graphically indicate how much of each subject area has been covered.

Coverage chart example – This student has taken 88 of 89 questions from Subject Area 5, 22 of 40 from SA6 and 28 of 32 from SA7. The green slice of the pie graphically represents the proportion of the questions that have been studied.

Review past performance

PrepareToTest shows results from your past five tests to indicate your recent progress in each subject area. As you reach and exceed the passing grade for each area this is indicated by a green check mark. When all the subject areas have green check marks then you’re in great shape for the real thing!

Summary Table showing results from the last five practice exams taken. The total percent score is shown for each exam along the bottom, the average score for a chapter is shown down the right hand side. If the average score for all chapters is above the passing grade (70%) then you are consistently passing the exam.