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Commercial Pilot Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Radar Summary Chart (5432)
What information is provided by the Radar Summary Chart that is not shown on other weather charts?
A - Lines and cells of hazardous thunderstorms.
B - Areas of cloud cover and icing levels within the clouds.
C - Ceilings and precipitation between reporting stations.
2. Loads and Load Factors (5196)
Stall speed is affected by
A - weight, load factor, and power.
B - load factor, angle of attack, and power.
C - angle of attack, weight, and air density.
3. Using the Navigation Instruments (5512)
(Refer to Figure 18 .) If the airplane continues to fly on the heading as shown, what magnetic bearing FROM the station would be intercepted at a 35°angle outbound?
A - 035°.
B - 215°.
C - 070°.
4. High Altitude Weather (5382)
A common location of clear air turbulence is
A - in an upper trough on the polar side of a jet stream.
B - south of an east/west oriented high-pressure ridge in its dissipating stage.
C - near a ridge aloft on the equatorial side of a high-pressure flow.
5. Using the Navigation Instruments (5542)
(Refer to Figure 23 .) If the time flown between aircraft positions 2 and 3 is 13 minutes, what is the estimated time to the station?
A - 7.8 minutes.
B - 13 minutes.
C - 26 minutes.
6. Aviation Weather Reports (5408)
Which is true concerning the radar weather report (SD) for KOKC?KOKC 1934 LN 8TRW++/+ 86/40 164/60 199/115 15W L2425 MT 570 AT 159/65 2INCH HAIL RPRTD THIS CELL
A - There are three cells with tops at 11,500, 40,000, and 60,000 feet.
B - The line of cells is moving 060° with winds reported up to 40 knots.
C - The maximum tops of the cells is 57,000 feet located 65 NM southeast of the station.
7. Airport Marking Aids and Signs (5659-1)
(Refer to Figure 51 .) While clearing an active runway, you are most likely clear of the ILS critical area when you pass which sign?
A - Bottom yellow.
B - Top red.
C - Middle yellow.
8. AC 60-22, Aeronautical Decision Making (5951)
What is the first step in neutralizing a hazardous attitude in the ADM process?
A - Dealing with improper judgment.
B - Recognition of hazardous thoughts.
C - Recognition of invulnerability in the situation.
9. Clouds (5339)
The presence of standing lenticular altocumulus clouds is a good indication of
A - heavy icing conditions.
B - lenticular ice formation in calm air.
C - very strong turbulence.
10. Engine Operation (5606)
Applying carburetor heat will
A - enrich the fuel/air mixture.
B - not affect the mixture.
C - lean the fuel/air mixture.