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Commercial Pilot Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Using the Navigation Instruments (5543)
(Refer to Figure 24 .) If the time flown between aircraft positions 2 and 3 is 15 minutes, what is the estimated time to the station?
A - 15 minutes.
B - 60 minutes.
C - 30 minutes.
2. Meteorology (0504_181)
The station originating the following METAR observation has a field elevation of 3,500 feet MSL. If the sky cover is one continuous layer, what is the thickness of the cloud layer? (Top of overcast reported at 7,500 feet MSL).
METAR KHOB 151250Z 17006KT 4SM OVC005 13/11 A2998
A - 2,500 feet
B - 3 ,500 feet.
C - 4,000 feet.
3. Airplane Performance (5208)
At higher elevation airports the pilot should know that indicated airspeed
A - will be higher, but groundspeed will be unchanged.
B - will be unchanged, but groundspeed will be faster.
C - should be increased to compensate for the thinner air.
4. Using the Navigation Instruments (5530)
While cruising at 135 knots and on a constant heading, the ADF needle decreases from a relative bearing of 315° to 270° in 7 minutes. The approximate time and distance to the station being used is
A - 19 minutes and 38 miles.
B - 7 minutes and 16 miles.
C - 14 minutes and 28 miles.
5. Arrival Procedures (5557)
Which is true regarding STAR's? STAR's are
A - to facilitate transition between en route and instrument approach procedures.
B - used at certain airports to relieve traffic congestion.
C - used to separate IFR and known VFR traffic.
6. AC 60-22, Aeronautical Decision Making (5960)
A pilot and friends are going to fly to an out-of-town football game. When the passengers arrive, the pilot determines that they will be over the maximum gross weight for takeoff with the existing fuel load. Which of the following alternatives best illustrates the RESIGNATION reaction?
A - He can't wait around to de-fuel, they have to get there on time.
B - Well, nobody told him about the extra weight.
C - Weight and balance is a formality forced on pilots by the FAA.
7. Stable and Unstable Air (5328)
What is the approximate base of the cumulus clouds if the temperature at 2,000 feet MSL is 10 °C. and the dewpoint is 1 °C?
A - 3,000 feet MSL.
B - 4,000 feet MSL.
C - 6,000 feet MSL.
8. Flight Rules General (0504_14)
Which is true with respect to formation flights? Formation flights are
A - authorized when carrying passengers for hire, with prior arrangement with the pilot in command of each aircraft in the formation.
B - not authorized, except by arrangement with the pilot in command of each aircraft.
C - not authorized, unless the pilot in command of each aircraft is trained and found competent in formation.
9. Abbreviations and Symbols (0504_79)
14 CFR part 1 defines VNE as
A - maximum landing gear extended speed.
B - never-exceed speed.
C - maximum nose wheel extend speed.
10. AC 00-30, Atmospheric Turbulence Avoidance (5448)
A strong wind shear can be expected
A - on the low-pressure side of a jetstream core where the speed at the core is stronger than 110 knots.
B - in the jetstream front above a core having a speed of 60 to 90 knots.
C - if the 5 °C isotherms are spaced between 7° to 10° of latitude.