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FAA Runway Incursion Video

Was That For Us? To help address the problem of runway incursions the FAA co-produced a DVD in conjunction with the Airline Pilots Association and United Airlines. This video is reproduced below and focuses on runway safety best practices for commercial operations at towered and non-towered airports.

Sport Pilot links from Bob Comperini and Aliseo

Just a quick note to thank Bob Comperini ( and Aliseo Flying Boats ( for their links in to PrepareToTest is one of the few places that provide online practice for the Sport Pilot exam and its been great to see how the number of Sport Pilot subscriptions has been going up and up [...]

FlightAware – Live Commercial and GA IFR Flight Tracking site

I just came across FlightAware, a live flight tracking site that you can use to follow the usual commercial airline flights but also any flight under IFR. This could be a useful tool for individuals watching their loved ones en route or instructors/FBOs wishing to follow their IFR flights out in the field. In addition [...]

Propeller Info and Saftey tips from Hartzell and McCauley

Propellers – most of us use them in one form or another and we study the basic theory as part of the various FAA written exams. The various prop manufacturers have some great additional resources to learn more about these critical components of our aircraft and how to approach the related safety issues.