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FAA releases updated Instrument Flying Handbook

The FAA has recently released an updated version of their Instrument Flying Handbook. Much of the content appears to be the same as the 2007 version that this supersedes. Some of the chapters have been rearranged and a significant chunk of the previous Human Factors chapter has been removed, reflecting the more detailed coverage that [...]

Guidance on Staying Current in the FAA Safety Briefing, Sep/Oct 2010

The September/October 2010 FAA safety briefing [PDF download] has a number of good articles addressing the common challenge of maintaining proficiency as pilots. The first article, ‘Practice makes proficient‘, gives some guidelines on what makes for good practice – make it count (don’t fly the same hour over and over again), make it planned (schedule [...]

FAA Runway Incursion Video

Was That For Us? To help address the problem of runway incursions the FAA co-produced a DVD in conjunction with the Airline Pilots Association and United Airlines. This video is reproduced below and focuses on runway safety best practices for commercial operations at towered and non-towered airports.

FlightAware – Live Commercial and GA IFR Flight Tracking site

I just came across FlightAware, a live flight tracking site that you can use to follow the usual commercial airline flights but also any flight under IFR. This could be a useful tool for individuals watching their loved ones en route or instructors/FBOs wishing to follow their IFR flights out in the field. In addition [...]