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Review your flight in Google Earth

One very nice feature for pilots is the ability to directly load data from your Garmin or Magellan GPS into Google Earth for review in full 3D glory, you can even share them with other people…Google Earth is one of the latest developments from Google that allows you to zoom in to any point on the globe and view satellite imagery overlaid onto topographically correct 3D landforms…. What makes you think is that this is the satellite coverage they give away for free, one can only wonder at what is available to the various government users!Anyway, besides being a great way to browse the geography of the world, if you upgrade to Google Earth Plus ($20) you can plug your Garmin or Magellan GPS direcly into the system and download your waypoints, routes and tracks for display in Google Earth.

Knowledge + Professionalism = Safety: FAA Safety Program online resources

In reading the site, the formula listed on the AMT Awards page, “Knowledge + Professionalism = Safety” stuck in my mind as being a great way to sum up the approach we should all have towards aviation and the many related safety aspects of the profession.Developed from an accident prevention program in the early 1970′s, the current Aviation Safety Program is a joint program sponsored by the FAA and the Aviation Community that is aimed at addressing this important topic…. There are twenty levels in the Wings program that you can work your way through – with a maximum of one per year that will give most of us something to work on for a while!AMT’s have the Aviation Maintenance Technician Awards.

Video captures from Milwaukee Airshow

I had the video camera and the digital camera along to record the event but the camera had some issues so all I have at the moment are some still frames from the video.There were a variety of planes on show but I got there a little late thanks to fighting the traffic and having to carry in a bunch of gear so I missed some of the early performers…. The Red Baron Stearman biplanes did a great 4-plane exhibition of formation flight and aerial artistry, drawing hearts in the sky and some spectacular shots of all four planes in close formation doing loops and immelmans.Of course the Blue Angels were the main act and they certainly didn’t disappoint.

Almost Oshkosh Time

Its that time of year again – the annual pilgrimage to Airventure is almost upon us. As a Wisconsin resident this isn’t quite such a trek for me as for many other people but its a summer fixture that we all look forward to…. They have a interesting dinosaur exhibit sure to grab the attention of young and old alike though I really needed my two-year old son to be on hand to tell me what each dinosaur was as he is the family expert.In reviewing the notam for Oshkosh I came across a very useful FAA site covering current TFRs (Temporary Flight Restrictions) that have a nasty habit of cropping up when you least expect them.

The First Post

The test prep site is designed to help pilots and AMTs pass their written tests, a vital step on the road to any of the FAA qualifications. However, the tests are only a means to an end and I’m looking forward to using this blog to cover some of the wide variety of topics that aviation opens up and hearing from others similarly afflicted!