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FlightAware – Live Commercial and GA IFR Flight Tracking site

I just came across FlightAware, a live flight tracking site that you can use to follow the usual commercial airline flights but also any flight under IFR. This could be a useful tool for individuals watching their loved ones en route or instructors/FBOs wishing to follow their IFR flights out in the field. In addition [...]

Review your flight in Google Earth

One very nice feature for pilots is the ability to directly load data from your Garmin or Magellan GPS into Google Earth for review in full 3D glory, you can even share them with other people…Google Earth is one of the latest developments from Google that allows you to zoom in to any point on the globe and view satellite imagery overlaid onto topographically correct 3D landforms…. What makes you think is that this is the satellite coverage they give away for free, one can only wonder at what is available to the various government users!Anyway, besides being a great way to browse the geography of the world, if you upgrade to Google Earth Plus ($20) you can plug your Garmin or Magellan GPS direcly into the system and download your waypoints, routes and tracks for display in Google Earth.