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Guidance on Staying Current in the FAA Safety Briefing, Sep/Oct 2010

The September/October 2010 FAA safety briefing [PDF download] has a number of good articles addressing the common challenge of maintaining proficiency as pilots. The first article, ‘Practice makes proficient‘, gives some guidelines on what makes for good practice – make it count (don’t fly the same hour over and over again), make it planned (schedule [...]

FAA Runway Incursion Video

Was That For Us? To help address the problem of runway incursions the FAA co-produced a DVD in conjunction with the Airline Pilots Association and United Airlines. This video is reproduced below and focuses on runway safety best practices for commercial operations at towered and non-towered airports.

FAA releases Computer Testing Supplements

Gleim reprints the figures in its own test prep manuals and websites like our own scan these same images so they can be used in online test prep software.Having the entire set available online will be very convenient for both students and flight instructors…. Similarly, flight instructors can now use these figures which include performance charts, sectional and en route charts, approach plates and more in their own handouts and presentations.The computer testing supplements are available as downloadable PDF documents on the FAA’s Airman Knowledge Test Questions page.

Propeller Info and Saftey tips from Hartzell and McCauley

Propellers – most of us use them in one form or another and we study the basic theory as part of the various FAA written exams. The various prop manufacturers have some great additional resources to learn more about these critical components of our aircraft and how to approach the related safety issues.

Video Flight training Podcasts from UND

As a sign of things to come, the University of North Dakota’s Aerospace team have just started putting out some flight training video podcasts combining computer-generated in-flight footage with real video, narrated by Anthony Bottini, one of the UND CFIs. Previously only found on quite expensive DVD and CD ROM kits, these types of multimedia presentations are a great way to create engaging training material and I’ll be following their progress with great interest.I was browsing the web site for x-plane, my personal favorite flight simulator (Mac, PC and Linux, well worth a look if you havent tried it yet) and came across the link to the UND podcasts.