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New editions of FAA’s AMT Handbooks released

The FAA has just released four new handbooks covering the background information for the AMT Airframe and Powerplant certifications. Although aimed at people working on their AMT certifications, these books provide excellent information for pilots about how aircraft are constructed and how the powerplant and related systems work and as such are well worth a [...]

How to validate your WINGS credits on

The FAA’s WINGS program has undergone some significant changes in recent months, one of which is the extensive use of the website to manage your WINGS credits. While there are a great deal of new features available on their new site, one important task is being able to get appropriate credit for any approved [...]

Propeller Info and Saftey tips from Hartzell and McCauley

Propellers – most of us use them in one form or another and we study the basic theory as part of the various FAA written exams. The various prop manufacturers have some great additional resources to learn more about these critical components of our aircraft and how to approach the related safety issues.

Knowledge + Professionalism = Safety: FAA Safety Program online resources

In reading the site, the formula listed on the AMT Awards page, “Knowledge + Professionalism = Safety” stuck in my mind as being a great way to sum up the approach we should all have towards aviation and the many related safety aspects of the profession.Developed from an accident prevention program in the early 1970′s, the current Aviation Safety Program is a joint program sponsored by the FAA and the Aviation Community that is aimed at addressing this important topic…. There are twenty levels in the Wings program that you can work your way through – with a maximum of one per year that will give most of us something to work on for a while!AMT’s have the Aviation Maintenance Technician Awards.