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AMT Powerplant Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Inspect, check, service, troubleshoot and repair reciprocating and turbine engine fuel metering syst (8726)
Which of the following is NOT an input parameter for a turbine engine fuel control unit?
A - Ambient humidity.
B - Compressor inlet pressure.
C - Compressor inlet temperature.
2. Install, check and service engine electrical wiring, controls, switches, indicators and protective d (8402)
Electrical circuit protection devices are installed primarily to protect the
A - switches.
B - wiring.
C - units.
3. Inspect, service, troubleshoot and repair reciprocating and turbine engine ignition systems and comp (8549)
In a turbine engine dc capacitor discharge ignition system, where are the high voltage pulses formed?
A - At the triggering transformer.
B - At the breaker.
C - At the rectifier.
4. Perform powerplant conformity and airworthiness inspections (8233)
Which of the following contains a minimum checklist for 100-hour inspections of engines?
A - Engine Specifications or Type Certificate Data Sheets.
B - 14 CFR Part 33 Appendix A.
C - 14 CFR Part 43 Appendix D.
5. Inspect and repair a radial engine (8001)
Which statement is true regarding bearings used in high powered reciprocating aircraft engines?
A - There is less rolling friction when ball bearings are used than when roller bearings are employed.
B - Crankshaft bearings are generally of the ball-type due to their ability to withstand extreme loads without overheating.
C - The outer race of a single row, self aligning ball bearing will always have a radius equal to the radius of the balls.
6. Repair engine fuel metering system components (8685)
At what engine speed does the main metering jet actually function as a metering jet in a float type carburetor?
A - Cruising RPM only.
B - All RPM's.
C - All RPM's above idle range.
7. Overhaul reciprocating engine (8047)
When cleaning aluminum and magnesium engine parts, it is inadvisable to soak them in solutions containing soap because
A - some of the soap will become impregnated in the surface of the material and subsequently cause engine oil contamination and foaming.
B - the soap can chemically alter the metals causing them to become more susceptible to corrosion.
C - the parts can be destroyed by dissimilar metal electrolytic action if they are placed together in the solution for more than a few minutes.
8. Overhaul turbine engine (8130)
What must be done after the fuel control unit has been replaced on an aircraft gas turbine engine?
A - perform a full power engine run to check fuel flow
B - Retrim the engine.
C - Recalibrate the fuel nozzles.
9. Inspect, check, service, troubleshoot and repair engine lubrication systems (8493)
If the oil in the oil cooler core and annular jacket becomes congealed, what unit prevents damage to the cooler?
A - Surge protection valve.
B - Airflow control valve.
C - Oil pressure relief valve.
10. Repair engine fuel system components (8733)
Which of the following statements concerning a centrifugal type fuel boost pump located in a fuel supply tank is NOT true?
A - The centrifugal type pump is classified as a positive displacement pump.
B - Fuel can be drawn through the impeller section of the pump when it is not in operation.
C - Air and fuel vapors do not pass through a centrifugal type pump.