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AMT General Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Use drawings symbols and system schematics (8109)
(Refer to Figure 29 .) Identify the left side view of the object shown.
A - 1
B - 3
C - 2
2. Fabricate and install rigid and flexible fluid lines and fittings (8216)
Which statement concerning Bernoulli's principle is true?
A - It applies only to gases and vaporized liquids.
B - The pressure of a fluid increases at points where the velocity of the fluid increases.
C - The pressure of a fluid decreases at points where the velocity of the fluid increases.
3. Exercise mechanic privileges within the limitations prescribed by 14 CFR part 65 (8521)
The replacement of fabric on fabric covered parts such as wings, fuselages, stabilizers, or control surfaces is considered to be a
A - minor repair unless the new cover is different in any way from the original cover.
B - major repair even though no other alteration or repair is performed.
C - minor repair unless the underlying structure is altered or repaired.
4. Inspect identify remove and treat aircraft corrosion and perform aircraft cleaning (0504_342)
Of the following, when and/or where is galvanic corrosion is most likely to occur?
A - When an electrolyte (water) covers the surface of an aluminum skin, seeps into the cracks between lap joints, and oxygen is excluded from the area.
B - At the interface of a steel fastener and aluminum alloy inspection plate in the presence of an electrolyte.
C - In an area of unprotected metal exposed to an atmosphere containing battery fumes, exhaust gases, or industrial contaminants.
5. Demonstrate ability to read comprehend and apply information contained in FAA and manufacturer s air (8511)
General Aviation Airworthiness Alerts
A - provide information about aircraft problems and suggested corrective actions.
B - provide temporary emergency procedures until Airworthiness Directives can be issued.
C - provide mandatory procedures to prevent or correct serious aircraft problems.
6. Perform complete weight and balance check and record data (8185)
When making a rearward weight and balance check to determine that the CG will not exceed the rearward limit during extreme conditions, the items of useful load which should be computed at their minimum weights are those located forward of the
A - rearward CG limit.
B - datum.
C - forward CG limit.
7. Read and interpret electrical circuit diagrams including solid state devices and logic functions (8081)
(Refer to Figure 23 .) If R2 sticks in the up position, the light will
A - not illuminate.
B - be very dim.
C - be on full bright.
8. Use graphs and charts (8152)
(Refer to Figure 41 .) Determine the fuel consumption with the engine operating at cruise, 2,350 RPM.
A - 55.3 pounds per hour.
B - 51.2 pounds per hour.
C - 49.2 pounds per hour.
9. Fabricate and install rigid and flexible fluid lines and fittings (8200)
Select the correct statement in reference to flare fittings.
A - AC and AN fittings are identical except for material composition and identifying colors.
B - AC fittings are generally replacing the older AN fittings.
C - AN fittings can easily be identified by the shoulder between the end of the threads and the flare cone.
10. Determine the relationship of voltage current and resistance in electrical circuits (8042)
If three resistors of 3 ohms, 5 ohms, and 22 ohms are connected in series in a 28-volt circuit, how much current will flow through the 3-ohm resistor?
A - 1.05 amperes.
B - 9.3 amperes.
C - 0.93 ampere.