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AMT General Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Complete required maintenance forms records and inspection reports (8455)
An aircraft owner was provided a list of discrepancies on an aircraft that was not approved for return to service after an annual inspection. Which of the following statements is/are true concerning who may correct the discrepancies?1. Only a mechanic with an inspection authorization.2. An appropriately rated mechanic.3. Any certificated repair station.
A - 2 & 3.
B - 2 .
C - 1.
2. Read and interpret electrical circuit diagrams including solid state devices and logic functions (8062)
(Refer to Figure 16 .) With power to the bus and the fuel selector switched to the right hand tank, how many relays in the system are operating?
A - Two.
B - Four.
C - Three.
3. Perform dye penetrant eddy current ultrasonic and magnetic particle inspections (8238)
The pattern for an inclusion is a magnetic particle buildup forming
A - a fernlike pattern.
B - parallel lines.
C - a single line.
4. Identify and select appropriate nondestructive testing methods (8220)
Liquid penetrant inspection methods may be used on which of the following?

1. porous plastics.

2. ferrous metals.

3. nonferrous metals.

4. smooth unpainted wood.

5. nonporous plastics.

A - 2, 3, 4.
B - 2, 3, 5.
C - 1,2,3.
5. Determine the relationship of voltage current and resistance in electrical circuits (8049)
(Refer to Figure 13 .) Determine the total current flow in the circuit.
A - 1.4 amperes.
B - 0.2 ampere.
C - 0.8 ampere.
6. Start ground operate move service and secure aircraft and identify typical ground operation hazards (8322)
When approaching the rear of an idling turbojet engine, the hazard area extends aft of the engine approximately
A - 200 feet.
B - 100 feet.
C - 50 feet.
7. Perform complete weight and balance check and record data (8179)
Two boxes which weigh 10 pounds and 5 pounds are placed in an airplane so that their distance aft from the CG are 4 feet and 2 feet respectively. How far forward of the CG should a third box, weighing 20 pounds, be placed so that the CG will not be changed?
A - 3 feet.
B - 2.5 feet.
C - 8 feet.
8. Perform basic heat treating processes (8251)
The reheating of a heat treated metal, such as with a welding torch
A - has a cumulative enhancement effect on the original heat treatment.
B - can significantly alter a metal's properties in the reheated area.
C - has little or no effect on a metal's heat treated characteristics.
9. Use and understand the principles of simple machines sound fluid and heat dynamics basic aerodynamic (8467)
Which of the following is NOT considered a method of heat transfer?
A - Conduction.
B - Convection.
C - Diffusion.
10. Fabricate and install rigid and flexible fluid lines and fittings (8218)
A 3/8 inch aircraft high pressure flexible hose as compared to 3/8 inch metal tubing used in the same system will
A - usually have interchangeable applications.
B - have higher flow capabilities.
C - have equivalent flow characteristics.