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AMT General Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Use and understand the principles of simple machines sound fluid and heat dynamics basic aerodynamic (8481)
What force must be applied to roll a 120-pound barrel up an inclined plane 9 feet long to a height of 3 feet (disregard friction)?
L I = R E
L = Length of ramp, measured along the slope.
I = Height of ramp.
R = Weight of object to be raised or lowered.
E = Force required to raise or lower object.
A - 120 pounds.
B - 360 pounds.
C - 40 pounds.
2. Start ground operate move service and secure aircraft and identify typical ground operation hazards (8314)
(Refer to Figure 50 .) Identify the signal to engage rotor on a rotorcraft.
A - 2.
B - 1.
C - 3.
3. Weigh aircraft (8168)
The empty weight of an airplane is determined by
A - multiplying the measured distance from each weighing point to the datum times the sum of scale reading less the tare weight.
B - subtracting the tare weight from the scale reading and adding the weight of each weighing point.
C - adding the net weight of each weighing point and multiplying the measured distance to the datum.
4. Complete required maintenance forms records and inspection reports (8461)
Each person performing an annual or 100-hour inspection shall use a checklist that contains at least those items in the appendix of
A - AC 43.13-3.
B - 14 CFR Part 43.
C - 14 CFR Part 65.
5. Perform basic heat treating processes (8251)
The reheating of a heat treated metal, such as with a welding torch
A - has a cumulative enhancement effect on the original heat treatment.
B - can significantly alter a metal's properties in the reheated area.
C - has little or no effect on a metal's heat treated characteristics.
6. Use graphs and charts (8148)
(Refer to Figure 39 .) Determine the maximum length of a No. 12 single cable that can be used between a 28-volt bus and a component utilizing 20 amperes continuous load in free air with a maximum acceptable 1-volt drop.
A - 12.5 feet.
B - 22.5 feet.
C - 26.5 feet.
7. Perform dye penetrant eddy current ultrasonic and magnetic particle inspections (8228)
What two types of indicating mediums are available for magnetic particle inspection?
A - High retentivity and low permeability material.
B - Iron and ferric oxides.
C - Wet and dry process materials.
8. Fabricate and install rigid and flexible fluid lines and fittings (8202)
The maximum distance between end fittings to which a straight hose assembly is to be connected is 50 inches. The minimum hose length to make such a connection should be
A - 52-1/2 inches.
B - 54-1/2 inches.
C - 51-1/2 inches.
9. Use blueprint information (8137)
The drawings often used in illustrated parts manuals are
A - detail drawings.
B - block drawings.
C - exploded view drawings.
10. Write descriptions of work performed including aircraft discrepancies and corrective actions using t (8450)
Which aircraft record entry is the best description of the replacement of several damaged heli coils in a casting?
A - Eight 1/4 - 20 inch standard heli-coils were installed in place of damaged ones.
B - Eight 1/4 - 20 inch standard heli-coil inserts were repaired by replacing the damaged inserts with a lock type insert, after the tapped holes were checked for corrosion.
C - Eight 1/4 - 20 inch standard heli-coils were replaced. The damaged inserts were extracted, the tapped holes gaged, then new inserts installed, and tangs removed.