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AMT General Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Determine areas and volumes of various geometrical shapes (8398)
What force is exerted on the piston in a hydraulic cylinder if the area of the piston is 1.2 square inches and the fluid pressure is 850 PSI?
A - 1,020 pounds.
B - 960 pounds.
C - 850 pounds.
2. Demonstrate ability to read comprehend and apply information contained in FAA and manufacturer s air (0504_456)
Aviation Maintenance Alerts
A - provide mandatory procedures to prevent or correct serious aircraft problems.
B - provide information about aircraft problems and suggested corrective actions.
C - provide temporary emergency procedures until Airworthiness Directives can be issued.
3. Determine the relationship of voltage current and resistance in electrical circuits (8041)
Transfer of electrical energy from one conductor to another without the aid of electrical connections
A - will cause excessive arcing and heat, and as a result is impractical.
B - is called induction.
C - is called airgap transfer.
4. Inspect identify remove and treat aircraft corrosion and perform aircraft cleaning (8364)
What may be used to remove corrosion from highly stressed steel surfaces?
A - Fine grit aluminum oxide.
B - Steel wire brushes.
C - Medium grit carborundum paper.
5. Exercise mechanic privileges within the limitations prescribed by 14 CFR part 65 (8533)
Who is responsible for determining that materials used in aircraft maintenance and repair are of the proper type and conform to the appropriate standards?
A - The installing person or agency.
B - The manufacturer of the aircraft.
C - The owner or operator of the aircraft.
6. Use drawings symbols and system schematics (8106)
(Refer to Figure 28 .) Identify the bottom view of the object shown.
A - 3
B - 2
C - 1
7. Perform dye penetrant eddy current ultrasonic and magnetic particle inspections (8240)
Under magnetic particle inspection, a part will be identified as having a fatigue crack under which condition?
A - The discontinuity is found in a highly stressed area of the part.
B - The discontinuity is found in a nonstressed area of the part.
C - The discontinuity pattern is straight.
8. Use and understand the principles of simple machines sound fluid and heat dynamics basic aerodynamic (8466)
The boiling point of a given liquid varies
A - directly with density.
B - inversely with pressure.
C - directly with pressure.
9. Identify and select aircraft hardware and materials (8256)
Unless otherwise specified, torque values for tightening aircraft nuts and bolts relate to
A - clean, dry threads.
B - both dry and lightly oiled threads.
C - clean, lightly oiled threads.
10. Use and understand the principles of simple machines sound fluid and heat dynamics basic aerodynamic (8467)
Which of the following is NOT considered a method of heat transfer?
A - Conduction.
B - Convection.
C - Diffusion.