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AMT General Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Determine the relationship of voltage current and resistance in electrical circuits (8044)
(Refer to Figure 11 .) Find the total current flowing in the wire between points C and D.
A - 3.0 amperes.
B - 6.0 amperes.
C - 2.4 amperes.
2. Extract roots and raise numbers to a given power (8392)
The result of 7 raised to the third power plus the square root of 39 is equal to
A - .34924.
B - 343.24.
C - 349.24.
3. Perform precision measurements (8295)
Which tool is used to find the center of a shaft or other cylindrical work?
A - Combination set.
B - Micrometer caliper.
C - Dial indicator.
4. Use and understand the principles of simple machines sound fluid and heat dynamics basic aerodynamic (1104_415)
In physics, which of the following factors are necessary to determine power?
1. Force exerted.
2. Distance moved.
3. Time required.
A - 1 and 2.
B - 2 and 3.
C - 1, 2, and 3.
5. Start ground operate move service and secure aircraft and identify typical ground operation hazards (8318)
How is a flooded engine, equipped with a float type carburetor, cleared of excessive fuel?
A - Crank the engine with the starter or by hand, with the mixture control in cutoff, ignition switch on, and the throttle fully open, until the excess fuel has cleared or until the engine starts.
B - Crank the engine with the starter or by hand, with the mixture control in cutoff, ignition switch off, and the throttle fully open, until the fuel charge has been cleared.
C - Turn off the fuel and the ignition. Discontinue the starting attempt until the excess fuel has cleared.
6. Demonstrate ability to read comprehend and apply information contained in FAA and manufacturer s air (0504_535)
Which of the following includes all the regulatory definitions of "maintenance"?
A - Overhaul, repair, parts replacement, and preservation, and preventive maintenance.
B - Overhaul, repair, parts replacement, preservation, inspection, and preventive maintenance.
C - Overhaul, repair, parts replacement, inspection, and preservation.
7. Perform dye penetrant eddy current ultrasonic and magnetic particle inspections (8234)
When checking an item with the magnetic particle inspection method, circular and longitudinal magnetization should be used to
A - reveal all possible defects.
B - ensure uniform current flow.
C - evenly magnetize the entire part.
8. Solve ratio proportion and percentage problems (8412)
Express 7/8 as a percent.
A - 8.75 percent.
B - 87.5 percent.
C - .875 percent.
9. Inspect identify remove and treat aircraft corrosion and perform aircraft cleaning (8378)
Spilled mercury on aluminum
A - causes rapid and severe corrosion that is very difficult to control.
B - may cause impaired corrosion resistance if left in prolonged contact.
C - increase susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement.
10. Inspect and service batteries (8097)
The end of charge voltage of a 19 cell nickel cadmium battery, measured while still on charge,
A - must be 1.2 to 1.3 volts per cell.
B - must be 1.4 volts per cell.
C - depends upon its temperature and the method used for charging.