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AMT General Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Weigh aircraft (8156)
Which of the following can provide the empty weight of an aircraft if the aircraft's weight and balance records become lost, destroyed, or otherwise inaccurate?
A - The applicable flight manual or pilot's operating handbook.
B - Reweighing the aircraft.
C - The applicable Aircraft Specification or Type Certificate Sheet.
2. Inspect identify remove and treat aircraft corrosion and perform aircraft cleaning (0504_342)
Of the following, when and/or where is galvanic corrosion is most likely to occur?
A - When an electrolyte (water) covers the surface of an aluminum skin, seeps into the cracks between lap joints, and oxygen is excluded from the area.
B - At the interface of a steel fastener and aluminum alloy inspection plate in the presence of an electrolyte.
C - In an area of unprotected metal exposed to an atmosphere containing battery fumes, exhaust gases, or industrial contaminants.
3. Determine areas and volumes of various geometrical shapes (8397)
(Refer to Figure 55 .) Find the area of the triangle shown.
A - 12 square inches.
B - 15 square inches.
C - 6 square inches.
4. Identify and select aircraft hardware and materials (8271)
Where is an AN clevis bolt used in an airplane?
A - Only for shear load applications.
B - For tension and shear load conditions.
C - Where external tension loads are applied.
5. Inspect identify remove and treat aircraft corrosion and perform aircraft cleaning (8360)
The lifting or flaking of the metal at the surface due to delamination of grain boundaries caused by the pressure of corrosion residual product buildup is called
A - brinelling.
B - exfoliation.
C - granulation.
6. Use blueprint information (8140)
Schematic diagrams are best suited for which of the following?
A - Showing the visual details of individual components in a system.
B - Showing the overall location and appearance of components in a system.
C - Troubleshooting system malfunctions.
7. Calculate and measure capacitance and inductance (8002)
The term that describes the combined resistive forces in an ac circuit is
A - impedance.
B - reactance.
C - resistance.
8. Inspect and service batteries (8085)
A lead acid battery with 12 cells connected in series (no load voltage = 2.1 volts per cell) furnishes 10 amperes to a load of 2 ohms resistance. The internal resistance of the battery in this instance is
A - 5.0 ohms.
B - 2.52 ohms.
C - 0.52 ohm.
9. Use and understand the principles of simple machines sound fluid and heat dynamics basic aerodynamic (8484)
The temperature to which humid air must be cooled at constant pressure to become saturated is called
A - absolute humidity.
B - dewpoint.
C - relative humidity.
10. Identify and select aircraft hardware and materials (8263)
Aircraft bolts with a cross or asterisk marked on the bolthead are
A - made of aluminum alloy.
B - standard steel bolts.
C - close tolerance bolts.