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AMT Airframe Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Inspect, check, service and repair landing gear, retraction systems, shock struts brakes, wheels, ti (8308)
To prevent a very rapid extension of an oleo shock strut after initial compression resulting from landing impact,
A - various types of valves or orifices are used which restrict the reverse fluid flow.
B - the metering pin gradually reduces the size of the orifice as the shock strut extends.
C - the air is forced through a restricted orifice in the reverse direction.
2. Install conventional rivets (8149)
When riveting dissimilar metals together, what precautions must be taken to prevent an electrolytic action?
A - Treat the surfaces to be riveted together with a process called anodic treatment.
B - Place a protective separator between areas of potential electrical difference.
C - Avoid the use of dissimilar metals by redesigning the unit according to the recommendations outlined in AC 43.13-1 A.
3. Inspect, check and service speed and configuration warning systems electrical brake controls and ant (8941)
The angle-of-attack detector operates from differential pressure when the airstream
A - is parallel to the longitudinal axis of the aircraft.
B - is not parallel to the true angle of attack of the aircraft.
C - is parallel to the angle of attack of the aircraft.
4. Inspect and repair fluid quantity indicating systems (8751)
One advantage of electrical and electronic fuel quantity indicating systems is that the indicator
A - can be located any distance from the tank(s).
B - has no movable devices.
C - always measures volume instead of mass.
5. Inspect and repair sheet metal structures (8126)
Rivet gauge, or transverse pitch is the distance between the
A - centers of rivets in adjacent rows.
B - centers of adjacent rivets in the same row.
C - heads of rivets in the same row.
6. Repair and inspect aircraft electrical system components crimp and splice wiring to manufacturer's s (8839)
(1) There are three basic types of dc motors; series, shunt, and compound.
(2) In the series motor, the field windings, consisting of relatively few turns of heavy wire, are connected in series with the armature winding.
Regarding the above statements,
A - only No. 1 is true.
B - only No. 2 is true.
C - both No. 1 and No. 2 are true.
7. Inspect, check, troubleshoot, service and repair alternating and direct current electrical systems (8905)
The overvoltage control automatically protects the generator system when excessive voltage is present by
A - opening the shunt field circuit.
B - opening and resetting the field control relay.
C - breaking a circuit to the trip coil of the field control relay.
8. Fabricate tubular structures (8184)
Engine mount members should preferably be repaired by using a
A - larger diameter tube with fishmouth and no rosette welds.
B - larger diameter tube with fish mouth and rosette welds.
C - smaller diameter tube with fishmouth and rosette welds.
9. Rig fixed wing aircraft (8243)
Improper rigging of the elevator trim tab system will affect the balance of the airplane about its
A - lateral axis.
B - longitudinal axis.
C - vertical axis.
10. Form, lay out and bend sheet metal (8158)
(Referto Figure 4 .) The amount of material required to make the 90° bend is
A - 0.3436 inch.
B - 0.3717 inch.
C - 0.3925 inch.