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AMT Airframe Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Repair aircraft fuel system components (8724)
An aircraft's integral fuel tank is
A - usually located in the bottom of the fuselage.
B - a part of the aircraft structure.
C - a self-sealing tank.
2. Inspect, check, service, troubleshoot and repair electronic flight instrument systems and both mecha (8589)
(1) Aircraft instruments are color-coded to direct attention to operational ranges and limitations.
(2) Aircraft instruments range markings are not specified by Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations but are standardized by aircraft manufacturers.
Regarding the above statements,
A - only No. 1 is true.
B - only No. 2 is true.
C - both No. 1 and No. 2 are true.
3. Install, check and service airframe electrical wiring, controls, switches, indicators and protective (8857)
Oil canning of the sides of aluminum or steel electrical junction boxes is considered to be
A - normal operation in vibration prone areas.
B - a shorting hazard.
C - acceptable operation.
4. Inspect, check, service and repair landing gear, retraction systems, shock struts brakes, wheels, ti (8353)
The correct inflation pressure for an aircraft tire can be obtained from
A - tire manufacturer's specifications.
B - the aircraft service manual.
C - the information stamped on the aircraft wheel.
5. Install, check and service airframe electrical wiring, controls, switches, indicators and protective (8850)
If several long lengths of electrical cable are to be installed in rigid conduit, the possibility of damage to the cable as it is pulled through the conduit will be reduced by
A - dusting the cable with powdered graphite.
B - dusting the cable with powdered soapstone.
C - applying a light coat of dielectric grease.
6. Inspect, check, service troubleshoot and repair hydraulic and pneumatic power systems (8481)
One of the main advantages of skydrol is its
A - wide operating temperature.
B - high operating pressure.
C - inability to mix with water.
7. Troubleshoot service and repair fluid pressure and temperature warning systems (8761)
What method is used on turbine-powered aircraft to determine when the condition of the fuel is approaching the danger of forming ice crystals?
A - Fuel pressure warning.
B - Fuel pressure gauge.
C - Fuel temperature indicator.
8. Inspect and repair antenna and electronic equipment installations (8685)
A gasket or sealant is used between the antenna mast and fuselage skin
A - to prevent the entry of moisture.
B - for aircraft pressurization only.
C - to prevent abrasion between the antenna mast and fuselage skin.
9. Inspect and repair sheet metal structures (8105)
When comparing the machining techniques for stainless steel sheet material to those for aluminum alloy sheet, it is normally considered good practice to drill the stainless steel at a
A - higher speed with less pressure applied to the drill.
B - lower speed with more pressure applied to the drill.
C - lower speed with less pressure applied to the drill.
10. Inspect, check, troubleshoot, service and repair alternating and direct current electrical systems (8913)
Aircraft which operate only ac generators (alternators) as a primary source of electrical power normally provide current suitable for battery charging through the use of
A - a stepdown transformer and a rectifier.
B - an inverter and a voltage-dropping resistor.
C - a dynamotor with a half-wave dc output.