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AMT Airframe Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Inspect, check, service and repair landing gear, retraction systems, shock struts brakes, wheels, ti (8358)
The rubber seals used in a landing gear shock strut
A - are generally designed to be compatible with more than one type of fluid.
B - are kept from direct contact with fluid by teflon or nylon backup rings.
C - may be used only with a specific type of fluid.
2. Solder, braze, gas and arc weld steel (0504_197)
The most important consideration(s) when selecting welding rod is
A - current setting or flame temperature.
B - material compatibility.
C - ambient conditions.
3. Service and repair wood structures (8004)
In cases of elongated bolt-holes in a wood spar or cracks in the vicinity of bolt-holes,
A - it is permissible to ream the hole, plug with hardwood, and redrill.
B - the spar may be reinforced by using hardwood reinforcing plates.
C - a new section of spar should be spliced in or the spar replaced entirely.
4. Form, lay out and bend sheet metal (8157)
(Refer to Figure 4 .) The length of flat A is
A - 3.750 inches.
B - 3.875 inches.
C - 3.937 inches.
5. Rig rotary wing aircraft (8226)
Movement about the lateral axis (pitch) in a helicopter is effected by movement of the
A - collective pitch control.
B - cyclic pitch control.
C - tail rotor pitch control.
6. Inspect, check, service and repair landing gear, retraction systems, shock struts brakes, wheels, ti (8347)
What is the function of a cam incorporated in a nose gear shock strut?
A - Provides an internal shimmy damper.
B - Straightens the nosewheel.
C - Provides steering of aircraft during ground operation.
7. Inspect, check, service, troubleshoot and repair heating, cooling, air conditioning, pressurization (8540)
The operation of an aircraft combustion heater is usually controlled by a thermostat circuit which
A - alternately turns the fuel on and off, a process known as cycling.
B - meters the amount of fuel continuously entering the heater and therefore regulates the heater's BTU output.
C - regulates the voltage applied to the heater's ignition transformer.
8. Repair and inspect aircraft electrical system components crimp and splice wiring to manufacturer's s (8805)
Electric wire terminals for most aircraft applications must be what type?
A - Slotted.
B - Hook.
C - Ring.
9. Repair aircraft fuel system components (8720)
What is one purpose of a fuel tank vent?
A - To maintain atmospheric pressure.
B - To decrease fuel vapor pressure.
C - To decrease tank internal air pressure.
10. Install, check and service airframe electrical wiring, controls, switches, indicators and protective (8864)
The nominal rating of electrical switches refers to continuous
A - current rating with the contacts open.
B - voltage rating with the contacts closed.
C - current rating with the contacts closed.