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AMT Airframe Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Select, install and remove special fasteners for metallic bonded and composite structures (8051)
Cherrymax and Olympic-Lok rivets
A - utilize a rivet gun, special rivet set, and bucking bar for installation.
B - utilize a pulling tool for installation.
C - may be installed with ordinary hand tools.
2. Inspect, test and repair fiberglass, plastics, honeycomb composite and laminated primary and seconda (8080)
When necessary, what type of cutting fluid is usually acceptable for machining composite laminates?
A - Water soluble oil.
B - Water displacing oil.
C - Water only.
3. Inspect, check and troubleshoot constant speed and integrated speed drive generators (8933)
A CSD unit that is disconnected in flight, due to a malfunction such as over-temperature, may be reconnected
A - automatically if the temperature falls back into the normal operating range.
B - manually by the flightcrew.
C - only on the ground by maintenance personnel.
4. Install, check and service airframe electrical wiring, controls, switches, indicators and protective (8863)
When using the voltage drop method of checking circuit resistance, the
A - input voltage must be maintained at a constant value.
B - output voltage must be maintained at a constant value.
C - input voltage must be varied.
5. Inspect, check, service troubleshoot and repair hydraulic and pneumatic power systems (8446)
If two actuating cylinders which have the same cross-sectional area but different lengths of stroke are connected to the same source of hydraulic pressure, they will exert
A - different amounts of force but will move at the same rate of speed.
B - equal amounts of force but will move at different rates of speed.
C - equal amounts of force and will move at the same rate of speed.
6. Inspect, check and troubleshoot autopilot servos and approach coupling systems (8653)
What component of an autopilot system applies torque to the control surfaces of an aircraft?
A - Servo.
B - Controller.
C - Gyro.
7. Inspect, check, troubleshoot, service and repair oxygen systems (8572)
(Refer to Figure 14 .) One hour after an oxygen system was charged for a leakage check, the oxygen pressure gauge read 460 PSI at 63°F; 6 hours later the temperature was 51 °F. (A 5 PSI change is the maximum allowable in a 6-hour period.) What pressure gauge readings would be acceptable to remain within the allowable limits?
A - 445 to 450 PSI.
B - 446 to 450 PSI.
C - 455 to 460 PSI.
8. Inspect, check, troubleshoot, service and repair airframe ice and rain control systems (8987)
Why are the tubes in deicer boots alternately inflated?
A - Alternate inflation of deicer boot tubes keeps disturbance of the airflow to a minimum.
B - Alternate inflation of deicer boot tubes does not disturb airflow.
C - Alternate inflation of deicer boot tubes relieves the load on the air pump.
9. Install instruments and perform a static pressure system leak test (8641)
How many of the following are controlled by gyroscopes? 1. Attitude indicator. 2. Heading indicator. 3. Turn needle of the turn-and-slip indicator.
A - Three.
B - Two.
C - One.
10. Identify and select hydraulic fluids (8431)
(1) Materials which are Skydrol compatible or resistant include most common aircraft metals and polyurethane and epoxy paints. (2) Skydrol hydraulic fluid is compatible with nylon and natural fibers. Regarding the above statements,
A - both No. 1 and No. 2 are true.
B - neither No. 1 nor No. 2 is true.
C - only No. 1 is true.