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AMT Airframe Quiz

To take the quiz, read the questions below and click the answer you believe to be correct. A result window will open with the correct answer along with your overall quiz score for today and a graph of how other people answered the question.

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1. Inspect, check, service and repair landing gear, retraction systems, shock struts brakes, wheels, ti (8332)
What is one effect a restricted compensator port of a master cylinder will have on a brake system?
A - The brakes will operate normally.
B - The reservoir will be filled by reverse flow.
C - The restriction will cause slow release of the brakes.
2. Inspect and repair antenna and electronic equipment installations (8687)
The purpose of a localizer is to
A - set the airplane on the proper approach angle to the runway.
B - indicate the distance the airplane is from the end of the runway.
C - align the airplane with the center of the runway.
3. Inspect and repair fluid quantity indicating systems (8741)
A drip gauge may be used to measure
A - the amount of fuel in the tank.
B - system leakage with the system shut down.
C - fuel pump diaphragm leakage.
4. Inspect, check, service, troubleshoot and repair heating, cooling, air conditioning, pressurization (8556)
In what position should the bottle be placed when adding liquid freon to a vapor-cycle cooling system?
A - Vertical with the outlet at the top.
B - Horizontal with the outlet to the side.
C - Vertical with the outlet at the bottom.
5. Inspect, test and repair fabric and fiberglass (8024)
When testing the strength of Grade A cotton fabric covering an aircraft that requires only intermediate grade, the minimum acceptable strength the fabric must have is
A - 70 percent of its original strength.
B - 70 percent of the original strength for intermediate fabric.
C - 56 pounds per inch warp and fill.
6. Inspect, check and service speed and configuration warning systems electrical brake controls and ant (8935)
In a brake antiskid system, when an approaching skid is sensed, an electrical signal is sent to the skid control valve which
A - acts as a bypass for the debooster cylinders.
B - relieves the hydraulic pressure on the brake.
C - equalizes the hydraulic pressure in adjacent brakes.
7. Inspect, check, service troubleshoot and repair hydraulic and pneumatic power systems (8459)
After a hydraulic accumulator has been installed and air chamber charged, the main system hydraulic pressure gauge will not show a hydraulic pressure reading until
A - at least one selector valve has been actuated to allow fluid to flow into the fluid side of the accumulator.
B - the air pressure has become equal to the fluid pressure.
C - the fluid side of the accumulator has been charged.
8. Form, lay out and bend sheet metal (8159)
(Refer to Figure 5 .) What is the length of flat A?
A - 3.7 inches.
B - 3.8 inches.
C - 3.9 inches.
9. Repair and inspect aircraft electrical system components crimp and splice wiring to manufacturer's s (8832)
What does a rectifier do?
A - Changes direct current into alternating current.
B - Changes alternating current into direct current.
C - Reduces voltage.
10. Repair and inspect aircraft electrical system components crimp and splice wiring to manufacturer's s (8826)
What is the color and orientation of the position lights for navigation on civil airplanes?
A - Left side - green, right side - red, rear aft - white.
B - Left side - red, right side - green, rear aft - white.
C - Left side - white, right side - green, rear aft - red.