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FAA releases updated Instrument Flying Handbook

The FAA has recently released an updated version of their Instrument Flying Handbook. Much of the content appears to be the same as the 2007 version that this supersedes. Some of the chapters have been rearranged and a significant chunk of the previous Human Factors chapter has been removed, reflecting the more detailed coverage that can be found in the 2009 Risk Management Handbook. In terms of other changes, LORAN is no longer covered in any detail in the Navigation Systems chapter but the coverage of GPS technologies is fundamentally unchanged from the 2007 edition.

The manual retains its high quality illustrations and covers attitude instrument flying and basic instrument flight maneuvers from the perspective of both analog instruments and glass cockpits. The manual is a worthwhile reference for any certificated instrument pilot or anyone working on the instrument rating. Its more detailed coverage of navigation systems, flight instruments and weather hazards such as icing also make it a worthwhile read for non-instrument pilots.

A PDF of the manual can be downloaded from the FAA’s website: Instrument Flying Handbook, FAA-H-8083-15B. While you are there you can also download the Instrument Procedures Handbook which goes into more detail about instrument procedures in the departure, en route and arrival phases of flight.

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