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Hot Air Balloon Question Pools Updated

Hot air balloons.I am pleased to announce that the release of two updated question pools for the Hot Air Balloon community. The Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot question pools have been reviewed in conjunction with Dave Sullivan of Balloonacy, Ltd. Balloonacy is one of the few FAA Part 141 certified Balloon schools in the country and Dave is the school administrator and flight instructor and has over 2000 hours in both helicopters and balloons.

Prior to this review the Lighter than Air question pools included a fair number of questions that were not relevant to Lighter than air operations. This is a common situation repeated in many of the popular study guides and test prep sites and is frustrating for Students and CFIs alike. Dave came to us looking for a way to provide access to a more tailored question set that was focused on the needs of Balloonists. In working together over the course of the past two months we have made big strides towards creating a question pool that is far more representative of the material required for Hot Air Balloon, Gas balloon and Airship operations. Under Dave’s expert eye we have taken out around 200 questions leaving just under 400 that cover the topics common to all categories of aircraft along with the questions specific to balloon operation. In addition we have reviewed the learning statements and cross checked against the required knowledge areas prescribed in the respective FAA Knowledge Test Handbooks to make sure that all the appropriate topics are covered.
The Hot Air Balloon question pool is now available to all Private and Commercial subscribers. We are continuing to work on the questions to develop explanations and supporting materials to further assist students working towards their Balloon ratings.

Supporting Links:
Private Pilot Knowledge test guide (PDF, 2011)
Commercial Pilot Knowledge test guide (PDF, 2011)

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