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How to validate your WINGS credits on

The FAA’s WINGS program has undergone some significant changes in recent months, one of which is the extensive use of the website to manage your WINGS credits. While there are a great deal of new features available on their new site, one important task is being able to get appropriate credit for any approved seminars or other events that you have attended. To show you how to do this I’ve created a very brief (2 minute) screencast covering:
  • Logging into
  • Navigating to your My Wings page
  • Finding the seminar or event you attended
  • Finding a validator who can confirm your attendance at that event
  • Submitting the request to the validator

This video presumes that you already have an account on as that is now a prerequisite for being able to get into the WINGS system and manage your progress. If you are an Airman of any type (Pilot, AMT, flight engineer, etc) and do not yet have an account on the site it is well worth getting signed up, not just for WINGS but also to be able to take safety courses and other things. The AMT side of the site is going to be spruced up significantly in the near future so it will have more useful content for maintenance folks too. You can register for an account here:

Validating WINGS credits on from Simon Twigger on Vimeo

If you have any questions or comments on this video or its contents I would love to hear them, please pop them into the comment field below.

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