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FAA Runway Incursion Video

Was That For Us?

To help address the problem of runway incursions the FAA co-produced a DVD in conjunction with the Airline Pilots Association and United Airlines. This video is reproduced below and focuses on runway safety best practices for commercial operations at towered and non-towered airports.

Even though its focus is Commercial operations the lessons are the same for general aviation so its still well worth watching. The video is around 31 minutes long.


The FAA have a dedicated site for Runway Safety issues here:


The Pilots Best Practices for airport safety are as follows:

  1. Encourage use of correct terminology and proper voice cadence
  2. Eliminate distractions in the operational area.
  3. Obtain and use airport diagrams. Use the FAA runway safety website to find airport diagrams for all airports.
  4. Conduct “Clearing Turns” prior to entering ANY runway.
  5. Maintain a sterile cockpit when taxiing.
  6. Maintain appropriate Taxi speed.
  7. Encourage pilots to have their “eyes out” when taxiing.
  8. Encourage pilots to have a “heads up” policy when taxiing.
  9. Attend safety seminars and programs on RUNWAY SAFETY.
  10. Improve safety by teaching, advocating, stressing and understanding situational awareness.
  11. Customize RUNWAY SAFETY presentations for targeted audiences such as pilot organizations, safety seminars, airport authorities, etc.
  12. Cite specific airport RUNWAY SAFETY web pages.
  13. Distribute RUNWAY SAFETY materials to every aviation entity.
  14. Package and distribute runway safety materials to: Flight Schools, Flight Safety International, Maintenance Centers, Aircraft Manufacturers, etc.
  15. Realize that every airport is unique and presents its own set of RUNWAY SAFETY challenges.
  16. Stay alert; stay alive.
  17. Declare war on errors; make it everyone’s responsibility.

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  1. #1 john robins
    on Jul 6th, 2009 at 4:43 pm

    Things like this are nice to talk about but sure does suck to be involved in a accident like this!

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