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Sport Pilot links from Bob Comperini and Aliseo

Just a quick note to thank Bob Comperini ( and Aliseo Flying Boats ( for their links in to PrepareToTest is one of the few places that provide online practice for the Sport Pilot exam and its been great to see how the number of Sport Pilot subscriptions has been going up and up in the last year, its growing far faster than any other section of the site which is spectacular news! I’m going to be working on putting some more information and resources up on the site for the many sport pilot applicants that are using us to prepare for the various sport pilot licenses.

Bob Comperini – - Bob Comperini's Ultralight And Sport Pilot Website

Bob’s site has a lot (and I mean a LOT!) of great links to a whole bunch of online information relating to ultralights, sport pilot, homebuilding, regulatory and many other topics. Its well worth having a quick visit to see what he has on there.

Aliseo Flying Boats –

Aliseo Flying Boat Poster

Aliseo Flying Boats require the Sport Pilot Weight Shift license and they have a very handy Training page that gives prospective pilots some more information on the sport pilot test and how you can get specific training in the Aliseo II. Its deep mid-winter here in the Midwest, the ski plane fly-ins are in full swing, its great to think about flying around the lakes in summer in one of these aircraft!

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