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FlightAware – Live Commercial and GA IFR Flight Tracking site

I just came across FlightAware, a live flight tracking site that you can use to follow the usual commercial airline flights but also any flight under IFR. This could be a useful tool for individuals watching their loved ones en route or instructors/FBOs wishing to follow their IFR flights out in the field. In addition to the flight tracking features they have a number of other resources on the site which are of note:

  • They have various weather charts but it is not a comprehensive selection so its useful to see what’s going on in the world but not sufficient for getting your own briefing.
  • The e>metar feature is interesting – send email from your mobile device to with the airport codes in the subject line and get back a reply containing the most recent METAR and TAF for these airports.
  • IFR Route analyzer – Enter a departure and destination airport and see flight plans that have been filed for that route in the past 24 hours.
  • Of interest to web and application developers they also provide the FlightXML API. This is a webservice that you can use to query live and historical flight tracking info for use in your own software.

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