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FAA releases Computer Testing Supplements

As part of my regular review of the FAA’s Airman Knowledge Test Question page for I noticed something new today. The FAA has released the computer testing supplements that contain all the figures for the various pilot and AMT knowledge tests. These contain all the supplemental material that are provided to you when you take an FAA knowledge test at an approved testing center.

This new release marks the first time that the entire testing supplements have been made available in electronic form. They are PDF files so you can download the figures for yourself and either print them out or refer to the electronic document directly. Previously these testing supplements were available bundled with ASA test prep books or as a separate purchase from ASA. Gleim reprints the figures in its own test prep manuals and websites like our own scan these same images so they can be used in online test prep software.

Having the entire set available online will be very convenient for both students and flight instructors. If you are studying for a knowledge test you will find it convenient to be able to print out copies of various charts and tables so you can write on them and mark them up without worrying about ruining your only copy. Similarly, flight instructors can now use these figures which include performance charts, sectional and en route charts, approach plates and more in their own handouts and presentations.

The computer testing supplements are available as downloadable PDF documents on the FAA’s Airman Knowledge Test Questions page. I’ve provided direct links to the individual files below, beware as some of them are quite large and will take a while to download unless you have a broadband connection.

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