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Online Thunderstorm Avoidance MiniCourse at ASF

Thunderstorms are a fact of life during the summer months and whilst the various FAA knowledge tests provide a theoretical background to thunderstorms, how and why they form (remember you need moisture, an unstable atmosphere and a lifting action) and best course of action to deal with them (avoid by at least 20 miles), they can’t cover more real life situations. The AOPA Air Safety Foundation (ASF) has just released an online minicourse called “Avoiding Thunderstorms” discussing radar services that can help and how best to work with Air Traffic Control (ATC) when dealing with convective activity. They use real ATC recordings of a pilot miscommunicating with ATC and go on to describe effective ways to work with the system to avoid such situations. ATC is a vital partner in dealing with weather aloft so its well worth knowing more about how they can help should you need to call on them.

The ASF has a number of other online courses that are also well worth investigating, covering topics such as Mountain Flying, Airspace, Runway incursions, ATC and IFR operations.

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